Why Change The Resistance Of Your Electronic Cigarette?

You have been a vaper for a short time and your electronic cigarette no longer produces as much vapour as before. Or even you no longer feel the flavours. This is a sign that the resistance has certainly reached the end of its life. But why should you change the resistance of your electronic cigarette?

As we explained to you in the article devoted to the operation of an electronic cigarette resistance, this allows you to heat the e-liquid and vaporize it. The resistance is a heating part but it is not directly in contact with the e-liquid. Indeed, the resistance contains cotton which is impregnated with the e-liquid: a resistive wire in direct proximity to the cotton then makes it possible to heat the cotton impregnated with this e-liquid which vaporizes it.

The more cotton is used, the more it will lose effectiveness. After a certain period of use, a deposit may form inside the coil and the cotton may deteriorate. There is nothing abnormal, it is the operating cycle of a resistor.

There are no precise data on this subject. This varies from one model to another and from one vaper to another. In general, the life of a resistor is counted in fillings. Thus for most models of electronic cigarettes, the life of the resistance is 15 to 20 fillings. Consult the instructions for your electronic cigarette for more information on changing the resistance.

If you do not have information on your electronic cigarette, several signs make it possible to determine the wear of the resistance. For example, if your electronic cigarette produces less vapour. Or if the feeling of flavours is no longer the same as usual. After a long time of non-use, you may also experience an unpleasant taste. All of these signs indicate that it’s time to replace your coil. Below, is a new resistor and a resistor at the end of its life.

Do not panic, replacing an electronic cigarette coil is not a difficult step. As such, after having made several replacements, it will become a formality. We invite you now to consult our article on the steps to replace the resistance of an electronic cigarette. In addition, you should also know that each electronic cigarette kit contains a complete user manual including a chapter on replacing the coil. Keep this manual, it could be useful to you.