How to make your E-liquid? : a detailed explanation of the DIY

Switching to electronic cigarettes to quit smoking is one of the best alternatives to tobacco addiction. Because vaping causes fewer health problems. However, to be able to vape you will need to be equipped with e-liquid which is the main element in addition to your e-cigarette.

For most vapers, DIY e-liquid is a more economical way to vape. Making your liquid would be cheaper than buying it ready-made. Thus, we will see throughout this article all the points to know regarding this subject.

What is the principle of DIY (Do It Yourself)?

As its name suggests, Do It Yourself or DIY has the principle of making something yourself.

Thus, the DIY E-liquid is simply the fact of making home a liquid to vape for electronic cigarettes. As a result, all the dosages and the addition of essential ingredients for the manufacture of this liquid are done by yourself.

The DIY of e-liquid is becoming more and more popular among vapers because this principle has several advantages, in particular:

The customization of its e-liquids: due to the availability on the market of a range of tastes and aromas, you will be able to let your imagination run wild in an infinite way, to satisfy your taste buds;

Mastering the composition of e-liquids: thanks to DIY, you will be able to better know the composition of your liquids but also their origins, unlike ready-to-use e-liquids;

Considerable savings: the cost price of DIY is significantly lower than that of ready-to-vape liquids. There is approximately less than one euro for a 10 ml bottle against a price 6 to 10 times more expensive for commercial e-liquids;

Achievement Satisfaction: Doing something yourself always gives a feeling of satisfaction.

What are the essential elements for the manufacture of e-liquid?

To be able to make your e-liquid, it will be necessary to obtain, other than empty E-liquid bottles, certain essential elements. Thus among the latter, there is in particular the base of e-liquid. The latter is major manufacturing since it represents about 70 to 90% of the mixture to be vaped.

It should be noted that the base is composed of both propylene glycol but also vegetable glycerin. The dosages of these elements will influence the quantity of vaporization but also its intensity or more commonly called the “hit” (tingling sensation in the throat).

Nicotine is also an important ingredient in the composition of your e-liquid, it is available in the form of a “booster” bottle with a capacity of 10ml. Booster vials are available in different strengths, ranging from 0mg up to 20mg.

As you will have understood, it is possible to vape without the presence of nicotine, and this is essential for people arriving at the end of withdrawal, and/or people with no history of smoking.

As far as aromas are concerned, these are the ingredients that give flavour to your e-liquid. The flavouring of the liquid can be either neutral or artificial. Thus, in the vape market, there is a wide range of flavour choices such as:

Aromas with a classic flavour (tobacco);

Aromas with a fruity flavour;

Minflavoureded aromas;

Gourmeflavoureded aromas.

How to make your E-liquid?

If you do not yet master the principle of mixtures, good dosages and various calculations for the manufacture of an e-liquid, you can buy packs called “Ready to DIY”. These are composed of basic ingredients to be mixed and already dosed beforehand. So you just have to mix them.

If you still want to learn how to mix on your own, you can go to various platforms offering dosage calculators. Thus, all you have to do is enter the key information such as the chosen flavour, the quantity of e-liquid desired and your nicotine dosage. Thereafter, exact dosages will be proposed to you to obtain the recipe of e-liquid adapted to you.