Electronic cigarette users have a wide choice of e-liquids ranging from balanced bottles to mixtures favouring the pronunciation of taste, or the production of vapour. The composition of e-liquid bottles focused on the production of a dense and abundant volume of vapour is based in particular on a particular component, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Glycerol. These VG-enriched e-liquids are generally intended for experienced consumers looking for a sensation based on the attenuated expression of aromas.

E-liquid for more vapour: a PG/VG ratio in favour of VG

The e-liquids sold on the market are essentially made up of a pair of ingredients, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Glycerol, to which are added flavourings, nicotine and additives of all kinds. The PG/VG ratio will directly determine the volume of vapour that will be created, and the richer the liquid is in PG, the more the flavour will be accentuated with a more intense hit in the throat. Heavy smoke e-liquid, on the other hand, has a significantly higher VG content, which physically results in a thick mix to produce a voluminous and persistent vapour.

A PG/VG ratio of 60/40 will be able to generate an excellent amount of vapour without impacting the taste. The rate of VG can go up to 55% while keeping a good feeling of aromas, but beyond this value, the properties of the e-liquid will impose relatively significant stress on the vaping material, or even damage it.

Even more vapour, High VG e-liquid

The e-liquid for heavy smoke containing a 30/70 ratio is called e-liquid High VG and thus comes with viscosity and thickness that are significantly higher than standard e-liquids. Indeed, the viscosity being more aggressive due to the omnipresence of Vegetable Glycerin, the e-liquid will have to be heated at a higher temperature. The consumer is therefore recommended to equip his device with low resistance (< 1 Ohm), otherwise, the equipment will clog up quickly.

Sub-ohm vaping makes it possible to produce the desired quantity of vapour through the association of a high voltage with low resistance, but in exchange requires the modification of a parameter of the e-cigarette. Be careful, applying too high a voltage can also damage the clearomiser, and it is advisable to choose a specialized clearomiser to consume High VG e-liquids.

Extreme vape: combining mods and e-liquids

Experienced vapers will automatically adapt their equipment through mods if they wish to produce more smoke. By combining the effect of an e-liquid with a high concentration of VG with certain mods (75W battery, high-performance Clearomizer, etc.), the vapour produced will then be more interesting in contrast to the use or consumption of a product isolated.

Boxes are also the most popular vaping equipment because they offer a spectrum of power compatible with the entire range of e-liquids. Finally, they can create a multitude of clouds or amplify the flavour by simply adjusting its parameters according to the user’s desires.