Savings By Switching To The Electronic Cigarette?

Although the price criterion is not taken into account for a certain number of smokers, know that switching to the electronic cigarette allows you to save money. Without going into endless calculations and to give you an estimate that is as close as possible to reality, we offer you here a vaping/tobacco comparison on a strictly financial aspect.

Each vaper will be able to tell you about the benefits of purchasing an electronic cigarette. Clothes that no longer smell of tobacco, breath regained during sporting activities, breath that no longer scares away your interlocutors or even a chronic cough that has disappeared. Each of them will also be able to assure you that the financial savings are real, even if they do not precisely measure the amounts. And if savings are made on one side, it allows you to benefit from them elsewhere.

The calculation of the savings made is quite simple. The figures given below are estimates and are not intended to be associated with every smoker or vaper. Depending on his level of vaping, the material used, the nicotine level and other criteria, the overall consumption can be more or less important. Everyone will take stock of their situation. The estimate is for one year.

  • A vaporizer: the basic element. Prices vary from a few tens of pounds to several hundred pounds. Staying in a close reality, a model of around fifty pounds is sufficient for a beginner or confirmed level. Electronic cigarette batteries have a lifespan of approximately 350 charge cycles, allowing them to last approximately 1 year.

  • E-liquids: there, we can have fun. Why limit yourself to tobacco flavours when there are thousands of different flavours? To get out of the tobacco circle, nothing like e-liquid gourmet or fruity. Consumption varies according to the material and the nicotine level. Let’s assume that an average vaper consumes 1 bottle of 10 ml in 4 days. We grant you, that it can be less as it can be more. We remain in the estimate. Over one year, consumption increases to 90 vials.

  • Clearomisers or resistors: depending on the model of your electronic cigarette, you will have to change the clearomiser or the resistor regularly. For example, if you opt for the D’CLIK and its pod system, you must change the pod every 15 fillings. 

The estimated total budget for a beginner or experienced vaper is £600 per year. Do you remember the annual tobacco budget for an average smoker? 

Of course, over time, each vaper will improve their experience and want to try new vapers, and taste new e-liquids. But why stop him?