Which drip tip to choose and for which vape?

Drip-tips of all shapes, different materials and all colours are hard to find! Brought to our lips, the mouthpiece of our dear vapers is very often seen as a means of further personalizing the style of one’s favourite material. Some even go so far as to develop a real collection to be able to change them regularly according to their moods! There are indeed original designs that allow you to stand out as well as materials with sometimes very aesthetic colour variations that make this essential object for the vape almost become a fashion phenomenon. Everyone can therefore give free rein to their imagination to bring a finish that they like to their equipment thanks to the many drip tips existing on the market.

However, this is not the only advantage offered by this object often wrongly forgotten from a technical point of view. The drip-tip being directly located between the atomizer and the very sensitive taste buds of the tongue, it has a direct influence on the perception that we have of the flavors and texture of the vapor. Each drip-tip actually has particular properties that it is interesting to know to orient your vape even more in the direction you want to give it. Thus, depending on the type of material you like to use, the draw you like, the texture of the vapour you prefer in the mouth, the temperature of the vapour you are looking for and the concentration of flavours that we hope, a drip-tip will be more suitable than other thanks to its specific configuration. Indeed the shape, the material, the size and texture of a drip-tip play a role in the characteristics of the vapor produced. In short, if you already had an aesthetic craze for these small objects, the time has come to discover which ones will be essential to your vape to obtain the sensations you are looking for!

The questions to ask yourself to find the right drip-tip

Draw and concentration of flavours

Among the good questions to ask yourself before choosing a drip-tip adapted to your material and your type of vape, there is that of the desired draw and the concentration of flavors sought. It is not only the adjustment of the airflow, the choice of the resistance or the resistive wire to mount a coil, and the choice of the adjustment of the box that play a role in the sensation of the vapor in the mouth. and in the restitution of flavours. Your drip-tip is in fact a real added value to your equipment, a kind of little extra essential to have consistency from A to Z in your vape configuration. The diameter of your drip-tip will have a direct influence on your draw, on the rendering of the vapor in the mouth and on the taste of your liquids.

The main criterion of choice of the drip-tip for the draw and the rendering of the vapor in terms of texture and taste is therefore its internal diameter, that is to say the diameter of the vapor outlet. The drip tips exist mainly in two standard sizes: 510 and 810. The standard size 510 corresponds to indirect inhalation, with a fairly small diameter of about 8.5mm and one or two silicone seals which ensure the fixation at the base of the drip-tip, for a narrow internal diameter of about 5mm, while the standard size 810 offers a larger diameter of about 12.5mm, developed for the vape in direct inhaling, with in general absence joints, being then located no longer on the drip-tip but on compatible atomizers, and a wider internal diameter, of about 9mm, which can be further increased on so-called “wide-bore” drip-tips. The presence of seals on some 810 drip-tips actually allows them to be compatible with the famous TFV12 clearomiser by Smoktech.

Trick :The best thing to do is to choose a drip-tip that has an internal diameter consistent with the airflow setting that you like. Thus, the narrower the inner diameter of the drip tip, the more it will restrict the passage of steam, resulting in a tight draw and better concentration of flavors thanks to a finer projection on the taste buds. Coupled with an airflow tuned for a tight draw, it will actually keep the airflow buoyant all the way to your mouth. If you want to vape in indirect inhaling, it is therefore a narrow drip-tip that will suit best! Another possibility, if you want to vape in direct inhaling but restrict the draw a little to concentrate the flavors more, reducing the size of the drip-tip may also be useful to you.

Conversely, the larger the drip tip, the more steam will pass without restriction. Coupled with an aerial airflow, a wide drip-tip will thus make it possible not to oppose resistance to your air adjustment for a more massive arrival of air in your mouth, for optimized aerial sensations. If you want to vape in direct inhaling and chase the clouds, it’s a wide drip-tip that you will need.

The desired comfort in the mouth

Once the most suitable diameter has been found, you can take an interest in the different shapes of existing drip-tips to choose the one that offers you the best comfort of use. The main existing shapes are as follows: with a flat spout, which follows the shape of the lips, for maximum ergonomics and a very tight draw; “long neck” is thin and elongated for a tight pull and appreciable ergonomics; cylindrical, with more or less large diameter for a vape ranging from tight to aerial; and the so-called “wide-bore” mouthpieces for more air when inhaled, more vapour in the mouth and an ultra-airy vape.

The desired temperature

Now let’s talk about temperature. The choice of the drip-tip will also allow you to act on the temperature of your vapor. This time, it is the length of the drip tip that will intervene in its regulation.

A short drip-tip indeed preserves the temperature produced by the atomizer, while a long drip-tip cools the vapor more. This is because the more distance there is between the coil or mount and your mouth, the longer the vapor will take to travel to the outlet and have time to cool. The clearomisers offer resistors placed at the bottom and thus allow a sufficient path in the chimney before the drip-tip for effective cooling, but this is not necessarily the case with reconstructable atomizers. Some allow high mounts, near the drip-tip, which has the effect of releasing hot steam. Thus, all materials do not have the same needs in terms of modulating the temperature of the steam produced.

The desired quality and ease of maintenance

Finally, the last criterion to take into account before choosing a drip-tip is its ease of maintenance, on a daily basis and as and when used. Nothing too complicated on this point, the smoother the drip-tip, the easier it will clean under water. Engraved decorations are not recommended for those who want impeccable hygiene for their equipment, as they are difficult to clean.

Similarly, some materials are easier to maintain than others. Here again Teflon is a hit because it prevents adhesion against its wall, but it is not the only one to be easy to maintain. Delrin, Ultem and resin are also good students in this area and keep well over time. Pyrex drip-tips are also easy to maintain but tend to yellow after many uses and lose their beauty. The simple plastic drip tips seem less qualitative than the previous ones but are just as easy to maintain. However, this material, which is not very resistant, tends to dry out and deteriorate over time. Finally, metal drip-tips (stainless steel or aluminum) are less easy to maintain because they catch more dirt.

You now know everything about these mouthpieces that are good for your vape. If you want to further customize your equipment, do not hesitate to consult all our drip-tips on sale!