To be able to vape all day, your electronic cigarette must have a battery. This element is essential since it is he who will feed your resistance installed in your clearomiser. The battery sends an electric current that your atomizer collects before turning it into vapour. This energy is necessary to heat your resistance and allow the vaporization of your e-liquid.

The batteries of your e-cigarettes have a “fire” button. The vaper presses it to start the draw and then exhales a fabulous cloud of vapour. Two other buttons can be used to vary the wattage of your equipment.

This component forms the basis of your electronic device. They are screwed on the clearomiser, which contains your e-liquid and your coil. The built-in batteries can be recharged using micro USB or USB-c cables. The vaper can thus charge their vape and continue their vaping session once charged.

We are committed to providing you with quality, reliable and efficient equipment. All so that you can vape with maximum comfort, whether you are a beginner or an expert vaper. There is an electronic cigarette for everyone, whatever your profile and your expectations.

Before selling each model to you, we test them beforehand. We thus assure you of their ease of use and operation. You can thus benefit from our many delivery services, which are free from 19€ of purchase.

To ensure the best quality. This premium quality is explained by their choice of materials, their design, but also in their perfect finishes for your vape breaks.

You will thus find the famous brands: Smok, Eleaf, Innokin, Aspire or even Geek Vape, Vaporesso.

How does your electronic cigarette battery work?

As with all electronic devices, you need a battery to operate your device. Otherwise, no steam. In addition, like any battery, this one discharges. To recharge them, the vaper must have a charger that is provided in the box when you purchase. The charge can be ultra-fast thanks to the quick charge.

Generally, e-cigarette batteries are made of Lithium-ion. A box surrounds your battery. The latter is designed for good ergonomics and therefore intuitive and ideal handling. In addition, this case protects your e-cig.

To activate your tool, you will have to press the fire button 5 times. This button is wider than the others. To turn off your device, it’s the same method. You have to press it again 5 times. When the vaper presses the fire button, the mechanism engages and sends an electric current to your auto. This impulse heats your e-liquid and causes an explosion of flavours in the mouth.

Your battery must be associated with a clearomizer. A battery can have a 510 thread or an Ego-type thread. This thread is located on the upper part of your box. Your clearomiser is also composed with a thread to allow the connection. If the latter is not identical, do not panic. There are 510/ego adapters to allow the junction.

This accessory also allows you to create a good electrical circuit. Gold-plated or stainless steel, serenely vape your favourite elixirs with delight. So you can personalize your Vaporetto. The vaper will be able to equip his Innokin box with a Smok brand clearomiser without any worries.

Depending on the format of your ecig, some have a led. This device usually indicates how much charge you have left. The colour can change and thus signal when it is time to charge your device. Convenient, isn’t it?

Some mods even have screens. The latter sends you all the information necessary for a good vape: battery level, ohm value of your resistance, number of puffs and mode used. The vaper can also change the colour of their interface (red, blue, green, black…).

What do power in watts and battery life in mAh mean?

Do you ask yourself these questions about your e-cigs? It is completely understandable and we are here to answer you.

The autonomy of your battery is given in mAh. This is the number of milliamps that your battery will be able to deliver. The higher this capacity, the longer your box will last before recharging. Several types of consumption are available on the market:

  • small consumption: is dedicated to people who smoke less than 8 cigarettes a day. The formats of ecigs that correspond to this category are generally pods and sticks.
  • average consumption: concerns smokers up to 15 cigs/day. You will find the first models of battery, mod, box and complete and easy-to-use kit like the Eleaf Istick P100.
  • heavy consumption: for consumers who will smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day. These are large models that work with one or more 18650 batteries. They have greater autonomy and Pyrex tanks offer more capacity in ml.

The batteries use the power in wattage and variable voltage or not. It is this power that will provide your resistance with the energy to then heat your e-liquid. The higher it is, the faster your liquid will heat up and cause an intense hit. The vaper can adjust it with the “+” and “-” variation buttons.

Note that the wattage depends on your choice of the atomizer. For further explanation, you should know that each resistor has a specific ohm value. This value takes into account a certain power range for optimal use. The consumer must respect it to avoid burning their equipment and having a burnt taste in the mouth, this is what is called in the jargon the “dry hit”.

What are the different types of e-cig batteries?

Most e-cigarettes work either with a built-in battery or an external battery with 18650 batteries. To suit everyone’s taste, hardware manufacturers offer differences between their reliable and versatile products.

There are several sizes, formats and designs. The use of vaporizers is scalable. This means that you can start with a basic model, which is very easy to use, and then upgrade to even more efficient items. Each material has its characteristics in terms of ergonomics, power or even capacity.

18650 battery mods and boxes

Among the different models of electronic cigarettes, these models integrate one or more 18650 batteries to offer a gigantic mah autonomy. These batteries are rechargeable and allow rolling so you never run out of vaping.

These mods offer several modes to further customize your draw. The vaper can thus prolong the pleasure with the Temperature Control, Variable Power, Pulse or Curve and Smart modes. If you want to counter boredom, these various modes will delight you.

Built-in batteries and sticks

Built-in batteries work the same way as mod boxes. The only difference is that they do not have a 18650 battery.

Eleaf ‘s Ikuu I200 and Melo 4 Kit features the classic modes. Thanks to its beautiful OLED screen and two adjustment buttons, navigation is simple and intuitive. The Melo 4 clearomiser requires EC2 atomisers to produce abundant, very hot vapour in direct or indirect inhalation.

The built-in Ikuu I200 battery has a range of 4600 mAh. It is ideal for large consumptions and for vapers who wish to enjoy their e-cig all day long. It can send up to 200 watts of power and discover all the subtleties of your aromas.

The sticks are very easy to use e-cigarettes. The Joyetech ego AIO D16 works without having to do any setting. It has an integrated tank for more safety. Its small diameter gives it a more elongated, tubular shape reminiscent of a pen.

This ecig allows a tight or aerial draw thanks to its airflow ring located on the top of the tip. The distribution of steam is therefore adjustable according to the desires of the consumer. He can thus live a great diversity of vaping experiences.

Compact and nomadic pods

The pod format stands out with its compact and robust ergonomics. This vaporizer is nomadic, to follows you wherever you go. Just put it in your pocket or bag and you’re done!

The Geek Vape Aegis Boost Plus Kit features leather, metal, and rubber finishes. These components offer both a very pleasant touch and a robust one. This pod is equipped with a 18650 battery, ideal for medium consumption thanks to its autonomy of 2600 mAh. Switch to the sub-ohm vape thanks to its GV Boost resistors which will produce tasty vapour and great sensations.

In addition, the Aegis Boost Plus kit is IP67 rated. The battery is thus protected against immersion in water up to 1 m for 30 minutes and against falls up to 2 m in height. It is also dust resistant. Opt for this reinforced concrete tank to face all the dangers and problems of everyday life. The Aegis Boost Plus will be able to resist it and continue to accompany you in your vaping breaks.

What criteria do choose for your electronic cigarette battery?

Making the right choice before buying your e-cigarette is very important. The vaper can find many types of batteries, of different models and in various and varied shapes. Their characteristics are variable to meet all the needs of vapers. It is therefore essential to check several criteria before choosing the equipment that will accompany you every day.

We will base ourselves on the answers you give us, depending on your tobacco cigarette consumption and taste preference.

The criteria to be taken into account are:

  1. The mAh autonomy: this will determine the duration of vaping between each recharge. To be able to vape regularly without having to systematically recharge your e-cig, choose a long battery life.
  2. The shape or the diameter: the ergonomic side of your equipment must also be chosen carefully. After all, the e-cig will accompany you at all times of your day. For maximum vaping comfort, a good grip is recommended.
  3. The power in watts: some boxes do not offer to adjust the power in wattage. For those who offer this setting, it allows you to modulate the power according to the ohm value of your resistance.
  4. The design: this is a very important criterion. After all, if you don’t like the material visually, that would be a shame.

Do not hesitate to contact our vape experts for useful advice. 

When to change your electronic cigarette battery?

Do you want to change your battery for a more interesting and efficient model? This case is quite possible.

These technical sheets give all the characteristics and details of each item.

Consult our news to discover the new models freshly released. The biggest brands continue to offer ever more innovative and advanced models.

How to protect my electronic cigarette from falls and shocks?

A fall or shock can quickly happen and a scratch has appeared on your e-cig. You are probably wondering how to avoid this? Many accessories are available for sale to protect your equipment. In addition, you can find storage pockets. This accessory allows you to store all your equipment in one place (charger, tank, coil, vials of e-liquid, ecig, etc.). It’s a practical and efficient way to protect your equipment on the go.

There are also protective rings to slip around your pyrex bulb glass. These cushion the falls and prevent breakage.

My electronic cigarette no longer charges, how come?

If you notice that your e-cigarette is no longer charging properly, there are several possible reasons. First, check your USB port and know if it is damaged or not. You may also see the charging indicator on your battery.

What is the battery for in an e-cigarette?

To produce steam, an electrical impulse is sent to the resistance, which then begins to heat up. In contact with the e-liquid, it produces steam, which rises through the chimney to the drip tip through which you inhale it.

Electric current is produced when you press the button on the side of your e-cigarette. It is generated by the battery. As a result, the electronic cigarette battery is an essential element for the proper functioning of your equipment.

The different types of electronic cigarette batteries

When you choose your material to vape, you have the choice between two types of battery. An integrated version and a removable version.

Built-in electronic cigarette battery

This is a battery that is an integral part of the mod or the box of your e-cigarette. These two terms refer to the base of your vape that you hold in your hand. When the battery is built-in, you cannot remove it. You must directly connect your mod/box to the mains to recharge it. The main advantage is very good longevity, the disadvantage is that you cannot use your electronic cigarette unless you stay close to the power outlet. If you opt for an integrated battery, it is better to invest in two mods/boxes to be able to alternate.

Removable battery with accumulator

The other type of electronic cigarette battery is the removable battery version. The batteries are large rechargeable batteries, a bit like your AA-type batteries but bigger. You have a battery charger that plugs into the mains and several batteries that you can recharge in turn. With this solution, you can operate a rotation so that you never run out of battery. On the other hand, it is better to choose a good battery reference, so that they are durable and resistant over time.

Choosing the right battery or mod/box

The choice of your electronic cigarette battery must be made intelligently. If you opt for unreliable hardware, you may find yourself running out of battery quickly. This can encourage you to quit e-cigarettes and return to traditional tobacco. When choosing your equipment, remember to observe several criteria such as:

  • The shape of the mod: taking your e-cigarette should be easy and non-binding. There are different types of boxes more or less large, mini or compact versions… Think of a practical format for you and your use.
  • The power of the electronic cigarette battery: on some mods, you can adjust the power of your e-cigarette using a small digital screen. Take care to choose power in line with the clearomiser you are using.
  • Autonomy: there is nothing more annoying than finding yourself constantly running out of battery. Bet on products whose autonomy is important by ensuring that the milliamperes/hours are high (indication mAh).