To avoid any possible trouble (or worse, a big accident), we are going to list these few points on which we invite you to be vigilant, for your good and that of your loved ones.

Protect your electronic cigarette from heat

We start with the most important thing: above all, do not leave your equipment, electronic cigarettes and/or batteries ) in direct sunlight or contact with strong heat!

Indeed, all electronic equipment is designed to operate within a certain temperature range. It is obvious that if we leave our dear electronic cigarettes in direct contact with a strong hot spring, it is detrimental…

Whether your equipment is a built-in battery or works with batteries, avoid heat as much as possible!

Get out of your mind the possibility of leaving the equipment in your car (where the temperature is even higher than the outside air), on a wall in full sun during gardening, or even on the beach towel…

You risk seeing the batteries or rechargeable batteries degas, which can be very dangerous in addition to making you say goodbye to your equipment.

If necessary, if something has been exposed to high heat, allow it to cool quietly away from the sun before using it again, until the temperature drops to a correct threshold.

We encourage you to be very attentive to this crucial point!

Beware of e-liquids exposed to heat

It’s a question of chemistry: any e-liquid exposed to high heat becomes more fluid.

You are not risking anything for your health, rest assured, but leaks in your favourite clearomizers or atomizers are very likely to put you… overheated!

This can also accelerate the oxidation of nicotine in your e-liquids, which can sometimes alter the flavours of your favourite juices (but again without health risks).

Do not hesitate to possibly buy or manufacture your e-liquids with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG), which has the property of being much thicker than propylene glycol (PG).

Get out protected

No, it’s not the Sidaction slogan here, but rather an advice on your equipment and batteries.

There are various kinds of covers or bags for your electronic cigarettes, which will be accompanied by boxes or silicone covers for batteries, to transport everything safely at first (advice valid all year round for batteries in passing), but also to protect them from the heat.

It’s not just sun creams and cold drinks to be protected during hot weather, now you know what to do for your safety when vaping.

Happy vaping!