You should know that nicotine is one of the elements that make a person addicted to tobacco, however, it is also part of the solution. Indeed, through the vape, the nicotine intake in your body is regular during weaning. However, is vaping without this substance risky? You will learn more about it in this article.

E-liquid: components

E-liquid is the main consumable component of vaping. It is vaporized to be then inhaled, therefore, the tank must be filled regularly at the risk of overheating its resistance. An e-liquid only consists of 3-4 ingredients at most. PG and VG make up the base of this liquid. It should be noted that they are usually used in the cosmetic, food or pharmaceutical industries. 

These are therefore well-known frequent consumption ingredients to this day. As far as flavourings are concerned, whether they are natural or not, they are always food grade. These bring the taste to the e-liquid. Indeed, without the flavours and aromas, you should know that the base will be odourless, colourless and will only have a slightly sweet taste. The fourth ingredient is nicotine. Although it is optional, it nevertheless gives the possibility of avoiding the deficiency symptoms caused by smoking cessation.

What makes nicotine so important in withdrawal

You should know that the benefits of the electronic cigarette compared to the classic cigarette are several. It is important to make the right choice in terms of electronic cigarettes, however, unlike a cigarette, it does not have harmful substances, and to date, no research proves that it is responsible for diseases. severe over a long period. Smoking is a real calamity, largely given the combustion, and the electronic cigarette allows you to wean yourself step by step, slowly, but surely. Indeed, through electronic cigarettes, vapers have the possibility of having nicotine intake regularly. There are e-liquids with different dosages so that everyone can find the rate that suits them. Thereby,

Are we forced to vape with a nicotine liquid?

It is important to know that at the very beginning of withdrawal, it is necessary to designate its nicotine dosage. In the e-cigarette, nicotine is associated with PG and VG in the electronic liquid. This absorption process is less efficient than with a conventional cigarette, so it will take about thirty minutes of vaping to reach the kif-kif of a single cigarette.

The nicotine dosage is therefore essential, however, it depends on each individual. It is then not essential to start the vape with a nicotine electronic liquid. Moreover, many people who have finished weaning continue to vape for pleasure or simply for gestures, but with non-nicotine liquids.

Vaping without nicotine, is dangerous?

From the outset, it should be immediately clear that vaping without nicotine does not represent any danger. Individuals who are no longer addicts still need the gesture and vape from time to time with a low dose of nicotine, or even zero. Nicotine is poorly known to the general public. 

However, it is not harmful at the doses absorbed in general. Scientific research by Brend Mayer has proven that it is better to inhale at least three to four vials of e-liquids to expose yourself to something serious. It is necessary to keep e-liquids away from children and animals since they would not support these high doses. This is also why the TPD or Directive on Tobacco and Vaping Products, orders bottles with safety devices for children,

Liquid without nicotine is not risky for our body or our lungs, according to several studies carried out in recent years. On the contrary, the vaper in withdrawal reduces his addiction via the vape and thus regains his pulmonary abilities, such as the breath for example. Therefore, vaping remains a good solution to nicotine addiction.

The benefits of vaping

Without combustion, electronic cigarettes and vaping represent many advantages. Indeed, the e-cigarette particularly reduces the risk represented by tobacco. It is useful to reduce your nicotine dose gradually to zero, and thus manage to wean yourself permanently. Every scientific expert is perceptive that tobacco is a real problem, therefore, as a doctor, he does not hesitate to recommend vaping as an alternative to effective withdrawal. By giving the possibility of a regular nicotine intake, and the conservation of the gesture, the electronic cigarette proves to be more effective than a drug. At the beginning of withdrawal, with electronic cigarettes (with nicotine e-liquid), it may happen to cough. But know that this is completely normal because it means that your lungs reject the toxins and elements contained in the tobacco. In general, it does not last long, about a few days. This is proof that the body is functioning normally again.

You should know that as its name suggests, the electronic cigarette is an electronic tool, which means that malfunctions can occur. Indeed, an e-cigarette that has no more steam, can mean that the battery has failed. Vapers must learn how to use their e-cigarette. Even if it seems a bit more complicated to use an electronic cigarette compared to the simple fact of lighting a conventional cigarette, know that the e-cigarette allows very effective and very gentle weaning.