When you take your first steps into the world of the Vape, you wonder a lot about the choice of material to the detriment of e-liquid. However, it can be decisive in our vaping experience. How to find your way around the displays of liquids, and dozens of flavours from the most classic to the most eccentric.

For your vaping experience to be a success, we give you all the tips for a guaranteed crush. Know that to correctly choose your e-liquid, it is important to take into account three criteria, the recipe, the composition and the nicotine level.

Zoom on the composition of an e-liquid

Once heated, the e-liquid turns into vapour. An e-liquid consists of PG, VG, flavours and nicotine. It may also contain alcohol and water. Propylene glycol is colourless and odourless. It promotes the rendering of flavours and the hit, you know this particular feeling when you smoke, and well the propylene glycol is there to imitate this feeling of the itchy throat, it’s the famous hit.

Vegetable Glycerin is odourless, non-toxic, and with a slightly sweet finish. It promotes the production of vapour and offers a smoother finish. The downside is that it produces very few hits, which can be frustrating. Liquids with a high VG rate require equipment, resistors and an appropriate e-cigarette and also induce more frequent maintenance, we do not recommend them for a first acquisition.

You can opt for e-liquids with a high content of PG (70PG/30 VG; 80 PG/20 VG), or a more balanced e-liquid. We are talking about balanced e-liquid for an e-liquid dosed at 50/50, it is the ideal compromise between the hit, the restitution of flavours and dense and soft vapour.

The direction of the tobacco flavours

We differentiate between several families of flavours, tobacco, gourmet, fruity, mentholated and drinks. Some complex e liquids can mix several families of flavours. Among all the flavours that exist, you will probably be tempted by this delicious flavour of doughnuts, cheesecake or even fresh fruit, but it is advisable to focus on tobacco flavours first.

The goal is to create new habits, which our brain assimilates that smoking is over! So you will tell me that the gesture is different, the time of vaping also, the draw is not substantially the same so if the taste can slightly approach the flavour of the cigarette, it is already a small step. So if you are looking for tobacco flavours.

Do not hesitate to consult the opinions of the customers, which can be a good criterion of choice when one is undecided, all our customer opinions are certified.

Question liquid is different from the cigarette. Your palate quickly gets used to the flavours, by changing liquids regularly you will have real moments of pleasure and you will feel less and less of the urge to take a cigarette.

The issue of dosage

It is indicated in mg/ml or mg on e-liquids. This criterion may seem complex to define at the outset. First of all, it is necessary to analyze the number of cigarettes you smoke per day:

  • Less than 5 cigarettes per day: 3 and 6 mg/ml
  • Between 5 and 15 cigarettes per day: 12 mg/ml
  • More than 15 cigarettes per day: 18 mg/ml

It is also important to define the type of cigarette you smoke.

  • 3 and 6 mg/ml = light cigarettes
  • 12 mg/ml = medium cigarettes
  • 16 and 18 mg/ml = strong cigarettes

Once these two concepts have been defined, you have better visibility of the quantity and consumption of nicotine.

It is also important to take into account the power of your equipment which can vary the nicotine level of your liquid, for example, the starter kits give you the ideal feeling with a nicotine level of 12 mg/ml, but this even e-liquid may be too strong if you vape on a box-type material with various settings, due to its power.

We recommend choosing two different dosages when starting to find your preference.

And you, do you remember your first e-liquid? The one that made you drop out?

Happy Vaping everyone!