Our e-liquid is like everything else, there is an optimal use-by date listed there, but now you haven’t paid attention, it has passed! Can we still vape it after this date? Discover our advice and vape serenely.

You have all already experienced that moment when you finish your last bottle of e-liquid. No stress, vaper that you are, you always have a small vial on hand. And then DISASTER! Nothing! No liquid!

But not inconceivable! Suddenly you remember this little juice for which you fell in love months ago, but which you quickly got tired of! Impossible to get my hands on it… Ah, if it’s in the drawer, not this one, this one. Phew, tonight you can vape! You even think more, you fill your clearo and suddenly an illumination, you check the date and there, you realize that the DLUO is exceeded! Don’t panic, we tell you everything!


First of all, it seems important to define and also to differentiate the DLUO which is the Optimal Use Limit Date and the DLC, the Consumption Limit Date. The DLUO has no real health value, the DLC can be harmful, once the date has passed. For our e-liquids, we talk about DLUO. There is no known risk to our health, but the BBD induces a deterioration in the quality of our liquids, which, let’s put it into perspective, is not instantaneous.

E-liquid BBD exceeded, what consequences

The consequence will essentially relate to a possible loss of quality. An e-liquid is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, aromas and nicotine. Be aware that vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol deteriorate approximately after one to two years. Nicotine deteriorates about five years after the BBD and flavours, from one year after the date. You will therefore have understood that the BBD is above all determined by the aromas, which are the components that deteriorate the most quickly compared to the other components.

Once the DLUO date of your e-liquid has passed, you can still vape it, your e-liquid may be deteriorated from a quality point of view, mainly the aromas, which will lose their flavours, and your liquid will no longer be as tastier than the expected description and the nicotine may be less effective.

An exceeded BBD is synonymous with possible deterioration of the product without risk to your health. It is important to add that this deterioration is very slow and does not happen overnight. You will be able to find good e-liquid plans whose BBD is exceeded.

Note also that the manufacturers also have a little perspective on the expiry dates, in the past, the dates rarely exceed one year, and now most of the e liquids are two years old before the DLUO expires. If the brands go from one to two years without changing the composition of the e-liquids it is a factor which indicates that even 6 or 8 months later, the taste of your e-liquid will probably not have changed.

Optimal preservation

Even if the DLUO is important, it is also advisable upstream to preserve your e-liquids well, to allow them to keep all their flavours. It is advisable to store your e-liquids away from light, heat and humidity.

We also advise you to vape your e-liquids, once the steep period is over for the day and within six months after opening the bottle to take full advantage of the flavours of our e-liquids.

Before vaping do the Test

If the DLUO is exceeded, we advise you to:

  1. Smell the liquid: You probably already know the liquid, if it smells different, don’t vape it.
  2. Observe its colour: it should not be cloudy or opaque, otherwise, avoid vaping it.
  3. Vape the liquid: if the taste does not suit you that you already know the liquid, that it is “weird”, “acid”, “bland”, and does not unusually produce a hit or scratches, separate this liquid.

We are not currently able to give more information on the effects of the deterioration of a liquid. We’ll be clear it’s still better to respect the DLUO, but if the date is exceeded by a few months, you will not run any risk. In addition, the taste deterioration is slow, the taste does not change instantly in a few months.

Avoid vaping an e-liquid that is 5 or 6 years old. So take the test and if you’re not reassured, don’t vape it.

And your outdated BBDs, do you still vape them?