This is the goal of every smoker and person addicted to this addictive substance that is nicotine: to reduce its rate to stop consuming it for good! If you’ve ever tried to lower your nicotine levels, you know it’s not easy to do. We help you in this step towards 0 mg of nicotine!

To reduce nicotine levels, quit smoking!

Studies have been done on smokers who try to reduce the level of nicotine absorbed by buying cigarettes with a lower dosage. The result? Unconsciously, people pulled longer and harder on the cigarettes… And thus absorbed as much nicotine as with cigarettes having theoretically a higher rate!

Don’t rely on packages! A cigarette contains approximately 12 mg of nicotine, of which 1 to 3 mg is absorbed by the person who smokes it. To reduce your nicotine level, there are only two effective solutions: nicotine substitutes and electronic cigarettes.

Why does the electronic cigarette lower your nicotine level?

The electronic cigarette is a great help for all smokers who wish to give up the traditional cigarette. By the gesture it allows, it compensates for the desire to smoke a cigarette. To find a tight draw that is very close to that of traditional cigarettes, just buy a low-power electronic cigarette with a resistance of more than one ohm.

With an e-cig, you can buy the type of e-liquid that suits you, with more or less nicotine. Most brands offer nicotine dosages between 0 and 16 or even 18 mg/ml. Enough to have a wide choice of products for electronic cigarettes to gradually lower your nicotine level!

There are pod-type electronic cigarettes suitable for people who quit smoking. They can be used with nicotine salt e-liquids, which are made for former very heavy smokers with a high nicotine craving. The hit is softer and the nicotine is absorbed very quickly by the body.

3 tips to gradually reduce your nicotine level

  1. Decrease nicotine levels during a quiet period
  2. Do not skip the steps 
  3. Never fall for a cigarette
  • Choose the appropriate period

Lowering your nicotine levels can make you nervous, touchy and cravings. If you reduce the day of a very important client meeting or the day before a family holiday meal, you risk having a bad time…

Do it at a time that is not stressful for you, so that you start on a good footing. Be careful, this does not mean that you have to constantly postpone the deadline! Have enough to go back to the higher dosage if necessary to reassure you.

  • Be patient

Lowering your nicotine level and getting to zero, does not happen in a day! It will take time and patience to get rid of your nicotine addiction. You may not succeed on the first try, nor on the second or third for that matter! Stay confident in yourself, even when you fail.

Try decreasing your nicotine dosage every month, but don’t try to go from 18 mg/ml to 6 mg/ml in two weeks, let alone all at once!

  • Don’t fall for a cigarette

By going vape, you have already succeeded in quitting smoking, which is a big step! Do not ruin your efforts by cracking on a cigarette while you are in the process of nicotine withdrawal, you could relapse!

The role of vaping gear in weaning off nicotine

With a powerful electronic cigarette equipped with a sub-ohm atomizer, do not try to vape the same nicotine dosage as usual! Subohm vaping with power vaping consumes a lot of e-liquid. And this e-liquid, it will pass through your lungs! Suffice to say that the sensation may be very unpleasant if you try to vape an e-liquid with a high nicotine dose with sub-ohm type equipment…

Vaping in sub-ohm can give the illusion of lowering your nicotine level, but in reality, if you vape more e-liquid, it will be the same. To get rid of nicotine, it is preferable to stay on a low-power electronic cigarette with resistances of more than one ohm (unlike the sub-ohm, therefore). Your consumption of e-liquid will be reasonable and you can concentrate on gradually reducing the dosage of nicotine, until complete withdrawal.

If you are a fan of cloud chasing, nothing prevents you from having a second powerful box-type electronic cigarette with a rebuildable atomizer to vape High VG e-liquid, but without nicotine!

Compensate for the drop in hit by reducing its nicotine level

Have you managed to gradually lower your nicotine levels? Congratulation! But now, while the physical addiction to nicotine leaves you alone, it’s another kind of lack that works for you: that of the hit. Because nicotine does not only act on the nervous system but also the throat! That little twitch you feel as the steam passes through your throat, that’s the hit.

And who says less nicotine, says less hit! If your vaping sessions lack nervousness and the temptation to go back to the higher dosage tickles you, know that there is fortunately a solution with too weak a hit! All you have to do is switch to e-liquids with a high propylene glycol rate (PG/VG ratio of 60/40, 70/30, 80/20). The PG accentuates the hit and intensifies the flavours of the vaped e-liquid. On the other hand, you will produce less vapour. A very low price to pay compared to the possibility of permanently weaning yourself off nicotine!