Help, I can’t taste my e-liquid anymore! This is a message that we read regularly and which worries many vapers. We fly to your rescue to explain to you what are the causes of the lack of taste of an e-liquid and the solutions available to you to remedy it!

Smoking cessation and taste disorder with electronic cigarettes

You have quit smoking (and we congratulate you) to switch to electronic cigarettes. Except that here, while the taste of your e-liquid was present at the beginning, it is now very little noticeable. What’s going on? Nothing out of the ordinary, don’t worry! Ageusia or absence of taste occurs in former smokers who have just quit smoking. It lasts from a few days to a few weeks and then leaves a return of the taste in full power, enough to find new sensations!

E-liquid that changes the taste

You have been vaping an e-liquid for some time and it has changed in taste. The flavour is not as pleasant as before and it even tastes burnt. If this is the case, it is probably not your e-liquid which is in question but the resistance of your electronic cigarette. This wears out and must be regularly changed and properly primed before any first use so as not to alter the taste of the vaped e-liquid. Change resistance to test if the taste returns to normal!

If your resistance is new, check the expiry date of your e-liquid. If you have left your opened bottle for months in a corner of a room, it is probably simply expired! Remember to always keep your bottles of e-liquid in good condition to preserve their flavours.

DIY e-liquid that has no taste

If you have made your vaping juice and the result is not up to your expectations, several explanations can be at the origin of this phenomenon. If your DIY e-liquid has no taste, check that you have followed the recipe with the right dosage of aromas! Too little aroma will not impart enough flavour to the PG/VG base, which can spoil your homemade e-liquid. Don’t forget that patience is the key to DIY e-liquids! The steep, or maturation in French, is an essential step. Wait several days for a mono-flavour and several weeks for a gourmet DIY e-liquid. This is the time necessary for the aromas to develop!

Finally, remember to regularly change the flavour of e-liquid for your all day, so as not to get too used to it and thus find it less tasty.