To completely do without tobacco thanks to the vape is not something complicated in itself. But to maximize your chances and not fall back into your old ways, you must of course have equipment that suits you but also and above all have the liquid that you like. The quest for the Grail is complex, sometimes long, but after many tries and some disappointments, you have to admit, you will find the liquid that will make you vibrate!


Tastes change, pleasures too, but the composition of a liquid remains the same. There is indeed in each of these small vials a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, two substances which allow to fix the aromas and especially to release enough vapour to reproduce the sensations of a traditional cigarette.

Propylene glycol has the effect of making the mixture quite fluid and when combined with nicotine, it reinforces the hit. You know, that feeling in the throat that you look for when you take a puff… Vegetable glycerin will thicken the liquid and allow the production of vapour.

A large part of the products sold on the market is composed of 50% propylene glycol (PG) and 50% vegetable glycerin (VG), which allows for substantial vapour production without neglecting the hit on the throat. But this rate is not fixed, and several brands allow you to vape juices with more or less VG and PG. Some will favour large clouds, others a strong sensation in the throat. It takes all tastes!


You have the main base, now to give flavour and make everything a little more pleasant to vape, the manufacturers use food flavourings. Of natural or synthetic origin, the latter represent between 10 and 15% of the final mixture. It is thanks to these aromas that you can vape gourmet, fruity, classic or even minty liquids for example… The manufacturers are not lacking in imagination on this subject!


Finally, the last ingredient that goes into the composition of e-liquids: is nicotine. Note that this is not mandatory and that you can, if you wish, vape e-liquids without nicotine. However, its presence will allow you to avoid the feeling of lack often inherited from your smoking cessation. The more you smoke cigarettes, the higher your nicotine level should be. Count for example a rate of 16mg for a heavy smoker. The more time passes, the more your body will make you feel that nicotine is no longer essential. You will be able to proudly announce that you are vaping in 0mg! For the right rate, do not hesitate to refer to our guides for small,  medium and heavy smokers.

Some precautions should be taken with e-liquids containing nicotine. Pure nicotine can indeed irritate the skin. Ingested, it can cause intoxication and even death in the most serious cases. But if you’re serious and just vape it, you have nothing to fear! Thanks to this nicotine, which is only present in 10ml vials, you can easily do without cigarettes and feel no cravings during your withdrawal.


Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings and nicotine are the main ingredients commonly found in liquids. In some cases, manufacturers can also use additives to refine their recipe but also ethyl alcohol to accentuate the aromas. The major brands, however, have less and less recourse to ethyl alcohol: so much the better!


Steam, flavours, tastes, everything is determined by the liquid you are going to select. The choice is enormous, the task looks colossal but we promise you that you will find your liquid! We made it, so why not you?