Beginner vaper: find out!


Oily coughs as soon as you wake up, bad breath and clothes that smell of burning… the dangers that await you with tobacco… For a thousand and one reasons, you have decided to take up electronic cigarettes.


Everyone smokes, not you, and it makes you feel left out…In restaurants or at the office, you’re tired of being all alone while your friends retreat outside for toxic puffs…and yes, you know very well that tobacco is not good for your health… For all these reasons, you too have decided to “vape”.

With the electronic cigarette, you no longer smoke but you vape! But how?

If you don’t know how to go about it, follow this guide.

Get started with the classic size electronic cigarette model, or “PEN model”.

It is the easiest model to use and then it is also the closest to the tobacco cigarette.

An electronic cigarette generally consists of:

  • A battery
  • An atomizer
  • A cartridge (preferably already filled with e-liquid for beginners)
  • A charger
  • An AC adapter
  • A cone

To assemble your e-cigarette, it’s simple: charge the battery (make sure the battery is properly charged), and screw it onto the atomizer. Adhere the cone to the battery and then slide a full cartridge into the atomizer, wad side inwards (regularly wipe the two threads of the battery and the atomizer) and that’s it, you’re ready to vape calmly !

But like any electronic device, the e-cigarette requires maintenance. 

There are also contraindications. Here is important information:

  • Do not leave the electronic cigarette within the reach of children. It’s not a toy!
  • Keep it in a dry and well-ventilated place
  • After 15 successive inhalations, it is advisable to put your device at rest for about thirty minutes before starting again. And then you should never suck too hard on an electronic cigarette.
  • You can vape in public places but not while driving a car.
  • Pregnant women, minors and anyone with serious heart problems, or prone to allergies related to the components of the e-cigarette are not allowed to use
  • it 
  • Do not lend your electronic cigarette, it is intended for personal use
  • Do not hold your e-cigarette in an upright position
  • When the battery LED flashes, you need to charge it

Start with blond tobacco or brown tobacco flavours, not mint or cherry.

So! Now that you know how an electronic cigarette works, you can and you know how, you can teach your friends!