It’s summer and the sun has finally arrived. It’s time for many of us to hit the road south (or north, east or west) with our favourite e-cigarette! And finally, be able to enjoy the sun and the hot temperatures of summer.

Of course, during your future trip, you will certainly not forget to take your favourite e-liquids with you, to take full advantage of the good times to come.

That’s why I take my pen, there are indeed two three little things to know, just to avoid certain inconveniences related to the summer period.

1) E-cigarette, the sun and the beach

Your box or your e-cig is powered by a battery and the latter does not like to be too hot (nor too cold for that matter). Ideally, a battery should always remain at a temperature between 16 and 22°C without ever exceeding 35°C. So simply avoid letting your e-cigarette do an extended sunbathing session behind the windshield or on the abandoned sand.

As long as we are in the sand, our small machines (except the waterproof boxes ) do not like dust or water. I also point out in passing that on certain beaches vaping is prohibited in the same way as cigarettes.   

2) Liquids in the sun

Liquids are also not very fond of high temperatures. They become more fluid which inexorably promotes leaks. In addition, UV will oxidize them. So keep your e-liquids away from heat and light!

A little bonus tip: also consider a higher vegetable glycerin ( VG ) ratio in the summer ( 50% or more ).  

3) Travel, mode of transport and e-cigarette

  1. a) Train and car

For these two modes of transport no particular concern, we will simply be careful not to leave these products in direct sunlight.

  1. b) Airplane

You will have to take your batteries and rechargeable batteries in cabin baggage. You can also carry 100 ml of e-liquid in the same way. In the hold, you can have boxes without batteries, atomizers, clearomizers (avoid carrying them fully because changes in altitude inevitably cause leaks) and up to 1 litre of e-liquid.

Last thing, check the legislation in the country where you are going. Indeed, in some remote countries, vaping is prohibited and you risk big problems if you bring with you these illicit objects.

So much for our little recommendations. With that, we wish you happy holidays! 

Happy vaping!