Entering the world of electronic cigarettes can be complicated for some. You leave the unhealthy simplicity of the classic cigarette to land in a universe filled with batteries, clearomizers and Watts. To help you find your way around, we are going to give you some advice to find out which cigarette is designed for you. Here’s how to choose your electronic cigarette.

Are you a beginner?

If you are a beginner or even not yet launched in the universe, there is no doubt that you are asking yourself a lot of questions. But even if it seems complicated to you, our first piece of advice will be this: don’t go too fast. This is heartfelt advice, we know it can be hard to be patient sometimes, but take the time to find the right e-cigarette. Leaving on a bad model could sicken you, and that’s not the point. What are the elements to take into account when choosing an electronic cigarette?

Ease of use

Certainly the main point for choosing your electronic cigarette. Ease of use is sometimes essential. The more settings the cigarette has, the faster it is to touch everything without necessarily wanting to. It has happened to many people to change a setting without wanting to… Hence the interest in cigarettes with few or no settings.

The simplicity is not only in the settings of the battery itself. The electronic cigarette includes an important element, which is called the clearomiser. It is simply the element that sits above the rest, on which you put your lips to vape. It also contains e-liquid. Fortunately, almost all clearomizers work the same way.

There are still things that cannot be simplified, such as changing the resistance. This resistance is a small element in the clearomiser, used to create the vapour. It is made of cotton, which soaks up e-liquid, and a resistive wire, which heats the cotton to produce vapour. It is essential to the vape and must be changed approximately every 3 weeks. It is enough to unscrew the lower part of the clearomiser to change it. On most small electronic cigarettes, this part that unscrews is easy to access. On others, you have to force a little.

The autonomy of the electronic cigarette

It is natural not to want to charge your electronic cigarette every two hours. Luckily for you, some batteries are durable and can keep the charge going throughout the day. In the evening, of course, you will have to connect the charger!

The batteries, these removable batteries

The majority of e-cigarettes include an onboard power supply. In the form of batteries, these are impossible to remove or change. This is why some manufacturers offer “ boxes ” compatible with what are called batteries.

The form large batteries are batteries that can be changed. It is sometimes complex to choose, several elements being to be taken into account (mAh, Amps, maximum power). The size of the battery differs according to the model chosen, but you should know that each box can only accommodate one size or even two.

To choose your electronic cigarette, ask yourself the question. Would you like to have a battery that doesn’t need to be changed? This involves completely changing the box in case of problems. Or do you want to switch to batteries? Do not forget all the same that it is an element to be purchased in addition. Make a good choice!