VaporFi Rocket Review

VaporFi Rocket Review

Charging the unit, you can face the only real problem that you can have with the Rocket — the battery is permanent and the attachment threading also serves as the charging port. This means one simple thing – you can’t use the Rocket while charging it.

Extra batteries are available, however, but they are relatively expensive. But as the time proved, an extra battery might be a good investment if the Rocket doesn’t last for the whole day on one charge for your usage patterns. The good aspect is that, for many, the VaporFi Rocket will last a full day on one charge due to its capacity of 1600 mAh.

We imagine that the single charging port may have something to do with the fact that the bottom of the VaporFi Rocket battery is a voltage dial. Using the dial, you can regulate the voltage of the device between 3.2 and 4.8 volts.

Taken that the Rocket includes an e-liquid tank with low-resistance coils into consideration, you’ll want to start at the low end of the power spectrum and dial it up slowly until you get the vapor strength you want. It is a good and helpful altermative.

It is up to you when making the decision if you’re contemplating whether this product is right for you and your style of vaping.