A short introduction of eGo-W E-Cigarette

A short introduction of eGo-W E-Cigarette

The eGo-W has the same battery just as every other e-cigarette with the eGo name. It’s a small cigar-shaped battery with a raised 510 connection, capable of supporting most of the atomizers and cartomizers.

What differentiates the eGo-W from the rest is a new kind of clear cartridge that some manufacturers have the habit to call the Eliq cartridge. The cartridge looks like a shotgun shell from the outside. When you remove the whistle tip and outer cover from the cartridge, you’ll see a little filling hole on the top side. Filling the eGo-W cartridge requires you to jam a needle-tip bottle into the hole and squeeze until the cartridge is almost full. The required bottle is in the kit. The cartridge has 2 ml of e-liquid, about twice that of a standard pre-filled cartomizer.

After filling the eGo-W cartomizer, you put the cover over it and push a black whistle tip over the top. The cover keeps the uniform appearance of the eGo-W, while the whistle tip serves to prevent the cartomizer from leaking. To sum it up, if you like a round mouthpiece rather than a whistle-shaped one, you’re probably need purchasing another variety of the eGo e-cigarette such as Volcano Inferno.

The whistle attachment is required for the eGo-W cartomizer to function properly, and if you want to use the eGo-W with another cartomizer or atomizer, there’s really no sense of buying it. The Inferno is also the best when it concerns the vapor production, throat hit, e-liquid storage and overall presentation.

The eGo-W is also available with a twist-on pen cap, which ,moreover, helps to keep it sealed and gives it a nice, smooth appearance.