How the Halo G6 functions

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In some smokers’ experience, the batteries included with the Halo G6 need charging when you first get them delivered. So, twist a battery into the end of the included USB charger, and then connect the charger to a USB port.

You can also plug the charger into the wall adapter and charge the battery through a wall outlet. There are many ways of charging, and each of them is not bad. When the LED on the end of the battery turns off, you can begin using it.

The refill cartridges for the Halo G6 are packaged in a little plastic case. So, in order to use one, you’ll just need to remove a cartridge, take the stoppers off and twist the cartridge into the battery. Then, take puff slowly to create vapor. If you bought your Halo G6 with a manual battery, you’ll also need to press the button. But you can buy the Halo G6 with one automatic and one manual battery, which is necessary for those ones who aren’t sure which type they prefer and want to use afterwards.

After a several hours of total usage, you’ll start to see the vapor generation decrease. A full Halo G6 cartridge normally lasts a little bit longer than a fully charged battery, so you’ll see the light on the end of the battery begins to blink after a few more puffs. Take the battery out, place the dead battery on the charger and go on. If the vapor generation decreases when you’re using a fully charged battery, you’ll know it’s the moment to replace or refill the cartridge. That is the whole procedure.