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ProVari P3 –final comments

ProVari P3 –final comments

The ProVari has gained a great reputation over the years for being a very reliable device that also concentrates on performance and safety, and the latest version is no exception!

The ProVari P3 has proved to anyone who was quite skeptical about this brand that it has the same features that make many smokers consider the ProVari the world’s popular e-cigarette, from the top quality fit and finish to the perfect performance that remains exactly the same until the battery is expired.

However, it disguises a lot more — support for more battery types, more safety features than ever, better vapor generation — and a higher price. Undoubtedly, the ProVari P3 is the best ProVari — and the best e-cigarette; we would argue — ever marketed. Time will indicate, though, whether e-smokers are eager to accept the higher price category. What we are really aware of is that those who buy the ProVari P3 will be extremely happy with it.

That is why we can say that overall though; the ProVari P3 is a top device with many excellent features and will no doubt give the users many years of good service. Good service is worth a bit more money, but the result will be more than compensated. Select the best, select the quality!