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Gurgling of E-Cigarette cartomizer or clearomizer

Gurgling of E-Cigarette cartomizer or clearomizer

If you have suddenly a gurgling e-cigarette cartomizer or clearomizer, you’re probably smoking something similar to the CE3 clearomizer. This type of clearomizer has a heating coil on the bottom and a long, narrow air tube widening to the top.

In this situation, you can’t just take the clearomizer to pieces for cleaning like you would an e-cigarette with an atomizer. This type of clearomizer gurgles because the content of vapor doesn’t exit the air tube; some of it condenses and transforms to liquid form. This is due to the CE3 clearomizer design; you can get rid of this problem by switching to something along the lines of a CE5 clearomizer for an e-cigarette with a smaller battery or the Rocket Tank if you’re using a larger battery.

Up till that moment, nevertheless, you’re going to need to fix the clearomizer you have. First, it is recommended to use it until the e-liquid chamber is empty. You’ll waste a lot of e-liquid if you don’t. Once the e-liquid is used up, remove some of the extra e-liquid.

Next step includes folding the paper towel into a square and blowing firmly through the clearomizer. This should send extra e-liquid out the air tube and through the bottom of the clearomizer. Leave it out for a day or two to allow it to dry. Otherwise, you may find that it begins gurgling again quite quickly if it isn’t completely dry.