A deep cleaning for atomizer

A deep cleaning for atomizer

Starting a deep cleaning for your atomizer every two to four weeks can help you remove stuck-on remainder collected on your atomizer’s heating coil such as vegetable glycerin, flavors and sweetener.

If you want to clean your atomizer in this way, begin by heating a bit of water in a microwave-safe cup for around 20 seconds. The water should be hot but well below boiling.

Place your atomizer in the water and swish it around carefully until you make sure that you’ve removed most of the remainder. When you finish this action, blow gently through the atomizer as featured in the section above to remove most of the extra water.

Finally, let the atomizer dry completely — most necessary next to an air conditioner or fan — for approximately 24 hours. The atomizer’s wick will be filled with water after the atomizer deep cleaning, and it won’t taste good if you vaporize it.

After waiting a day, place your drip tip on your atomizer, but still don’t connect the atomizer to your e-cigarette. Add much of e-liquid to the atomizer, wait a minute or two and blow the excess e-liquid out. Reassemble your e-cigarette; add a little more e-liquid and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite e-smoking process.