How to choose your first e-liquid?

When buying a first electronic cigarette you must also make your first purchase of e-liquid, but without prior knowledge on the subject, one can quickly get lost in the maze of a plethoric offer. To choose your e-liquid well, you must therefore already choose the nicotine level that you will find in the chosen liquid, the latter being often offered in several dosages. Note that for a heavy smoker of traditional tobacco, we opt for a nicotine dosage of 16 or 18 mg/ml.

A moderately dependent smoker can use an e-liquid containing 11 to 12 mg/ml. An occasional smoker will regain his usual sensations with a dosage of 3 or 6 mg/ml. If you’re not sure if you’re placing yourself correctly in a category, keep a liquid dosed at the higher level with you to be able to face a bad moment. 

Choose your e-liquid, it is therefore first of all to know what type of smoker you are.

It’s all about taste

If all tastes are in nature, it is even more true concerning the tastes of e-liquids, of which there is an incredible variety. 

The list of tastes is a real firework for the senses with very heterogeneous choices, such as apple crumble, creamy cappuccino, caramelized popcorn, strong mint, anise, lime granita, orange and raspberry or finally the classic blond tobacco. Not only do e-liquids have very varied and evocative flavours, but in addition, the feeling of finding the expected fruit or mixture is very powerful.

What e-liquid to start

To say that there is a better e-liquid for electronic cigarettes would be too presumptuous. We can still rely on trusted brands like Edenvape and Alfaliquid. In terms of nicotine, we have seen above that it is important to try to find the quantity consumed with conventional smoking. As for the question of the aroma of the vape, you have two solutions.

Either you go for a taste close to traditional tobacco or on the contrary, you do the exact opposite by choosing a fruity or gourmet aroma that will have nothing to do with tobacco, but will unconsciously give you a new image of the vape. 

Cheap e-liquid can be attractive when you start using e-cigarettes and are unsure of your tastes. Be careful all the same to choose a quality product to make sure you don’t miss a great experience because of a poor quality choice.