Can you vape without nicotine?

Many vapers wonder what e-liquids without nicotine can be used for and if they are dangerous to health. Others wonder if they can vape when they are underage or have never smoked a cigarette. Can you vape without nicotine? Let’s take a look behind the scenes at e-liquid without nicotine.

What is an e-liquid without nicotine?

An e-liquid without nicotine is designed in the same way as an e-liquid with nicotine. It is made with a neutral base of propylene glycol  ( PG ) and vegetable glycerin ( VG ), which will then be combined with various food or natural flavours. As a reminder, propylene glycol is also used in the pharmaceutical and food sectors. Vegetable glycerin, on the other hand, is used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic fields. It is important to know that today, the manufacture of e-liquids is very supervised, both at the administrative level and at the level of laboratory tests. Anyone can not release an e-liquid without going through very meticulous checks. 

Anyway, we get many questions every day about nicotine-free e-liquids. Can we start vaping without nicotine, how long to get to vape without nicotine, does it allow to vape a CE for non-smokers?

For those who are looking for a really special e-liquid, know that there is an e-liquid without nicotine, without aroma, without propylene glycol: this e-liquid without nicotine Pure Vegetol is a real UFO which is the product of a very specific request. Indeed, some people are allergic to vegetable glycerin and certain flavourings. Not only is it nicotine-free, but the e-liquid manufacturer Végétol has been attentive to these problems to release a suitable vape product.

Who is this nicotine-free e-liquid for?

 The vapers :

As you probably already know, vaping was designed to offer smokers an alternative to cigarettes to help them quit smoking. This alternative is one of the most effective means for the total or partial cessation of tobacco, compared to other substitution methods (such as the nicotine patch or gum, for example), thanks to gestures. Indeed, the vaper or the vaper begins his consumption with generally an e-liquid containing between 12 and 16 mg/ml of nicotine, it can even go up to 20 mg/ml with the salt of nicotine. This nicotine level makes it possible to find nicotine satiety comparable to tobacco cigarettes. As the weeks or months go by, the vaper will gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in his e-liquid to wean himself gently. Once you have reached 3mg/ml of nicotine, it is possible to opt for an e-liquid without nicotine. This will allow you to completely detach yourself from nicotine while being helped by the gesture which is preserved. There will then only be a small effort for the vaper or the vaper to complete his smoking cessation and do without any inhalation if he wishes.

Smokers :

Some smokers wish to quit cigarettes without necessarily going through all the stages of vaping (which allow a gradual decrease in the level of nicotine). They then opt directly for an e-liquid without nicotine which allows them to circumvent various symptoms of quitting smoking. Vaping without nicotine to lose weight or at least not gain weight while quitting smoking, to satisfy cravings for snacking while quitting smoking thanks to a fruity or gourmet flavour, all these solutions are all roundabout ways to enjoy the vape without nicotine. Without forgetting that the gesture of the electronic cigarette can make it possible to take care of your hands in much the same way when you stop smoking.

Vaping without nicotine is dangerous?

Vaping e-liquids or electronic cigarettes without nicotine is no more dangerous than vaping nicotine e-liquid. Just as the electronic cigarette is not more dangerous than smoking. On the contrary, this means allows vapers and vapers to say stop once and for all to the combustion of tobacco and all that it entails on health while maintaining the gestures of the cigarette. The real danger in vaping without nicotine is when you are quitting smoking. Indeed, it is important to listen to each other. Our mind and our body are there to alert us and indicate to us the feeling of lack. This allows you not to be in a hurry or in a hurry to switch to the electronic cigarette without nicotine. Of course, maybe your neighbour Michel managed to quit overnight without a nicotine substitute and your neighbour Sandrine succeeded directly with a vape without nicotine. Who cares, the most important person, the one who decides to quit smoking is you. So go at your own pace, test and do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional or a vape professional if you need it. The danger of not listening to nicotine and going directly to nicotine-free would then be not being satisfied. And so to resume the cigarette thinking that it cannot work.