Which clearomizer to choose?

When you start with the electronic cigarette it is not easy to choose the right clearomizer. Indeed, there are many models for vaping: anti-leak clearomizer 2022, clearomizer without leakage of large vapour electronic cigarette, hot or cold vapour clearomizer, flavour clearomizer or even large capacity clearomizer.

The choice of clearomiser is essential, it is he who will determine your type of vape.

What is an anti-leak clearomiser made of?

The drip tip is the mouthpiece through which you inhale the vapour. Often held by a joint, more rarely screwed, the drip tips exist in many shapes and materials, allowing you to vary the aesthetics of your vaporise and the feeling during use.

The top cap is the part on which the drip tip is fixed. The top cap must be well closed to have a leak-free clearomiser.

It can be unscrewed, slid or rotated to have access to the filling of your clearomiser (say top filling ). Each 2022 anti-leak clearomizer is equipped with a sliding top cap to facilitate the filling of your electronic cigarette.

The true heart of the atomizer, the resistance head is composed of one (or more) resistances and a wick (most often made of cotton). It is important to check that the resistance of your vaper is completely targeted and to ensure that you have a clearomizer without leaks.

How does a clearomizer work?

When the battery is triggered, the current released causes the resistance to heat up. The wick in contact with the resistance is charged with e-liquid by capillarity from the reservoir.

The e-liquid is then heated until it produces steam. This primary vapour then mixes with the air drawn in through the anti-leak clearomiser to rise via the chimney and be inhaled by the user.

This is why it is important to know which clearomiser to choose.

What is a leak-free clearomizer?

A clearomizer without leakage in 2022  is a clearomiser which does not leak thanks to various tricks:

  • Top sliding filling system
  • Seals
  • Quality of resistors
  • A liquid with an adapted PG/VG ratio

All manufacturers are working to ensure that each model of clearomizer is leak-free in 2022, but it can sometimes happen that you still encounter some leaks: lack of resistance, liquid with an inappropriate PG/VG ratio and altitude.

Which resistance to choose for your clearomiser?

Resistance is the heart of any electronic cigarette as its role is essential in the quantity and quality of vapour produced.

The components: the composition of a vaping coil head is important. Many metals are used as resistive wires, some of which are specific to temperature control. Some resistor heads have several resistors, thus multiplying the performance in vapour production but also consuming more liquid. The wick, most often made of cotton, restores the flavours better than a silica fibre wick.