Direct or indirect inhalation, aerial or tight draw: what to choose?

When you start vaping, you can sometimes find yourself a little lost. The discovery of the electronic cigarette goes hand in hand with that of a new vocabulary. New notions appear and can sometimes seem obscure for the beginner. He will discover new terms by looking for the material that suits him. Aerial or tight draw, direct or indirect inhaling, MTL or DL… These expressions, which seem a little barbaric at first glance, are nevertheless very important to assimilate to orient yourself from the start towards the vape that is best suited for each vaper. This little guide aims to explain them to you.

Indirect inhalation is the right option for the former smoker

We have already discussed it on this site, the vast majority of people moving toward the electronic cigarette do so with a view to smoking cessation. But to break your smoking habit, it’s best to start with a smooth transition. For this, vaping must resemble smoking a traditional cigarette as much as possible. Thus, indirect inhalation is the best option. It is also called the MTL vape, for mouth to lung, which means “from the mouth to the lungs”. It will offer a rendering very close to the cigarette, without suddenly upsetting your way of doing things.

Concretely, the indirect vape is linked to what is called a “tight draw”. It offers a small resistance to inspiration, the vapour marks a pause in the mouth before inhalation. It’s quite similar to what happens when you drink through a straw. Indeed, when you smoke, you tend to keep the smoke in your mouth for a few moments before inhaling it. The MTL vape reproduces this sensation. It is almost instinctive for smokers since the passage of smoke through the filter naturally causes this small resistance to the draw. It also offers a pronounced “hit”, that is to say, that we feel the passage of the vapour in the throat, as with the classic cigarette. This type of inhalation is therefore the most suitable for former smokers. As well, moreover,

Direct inhalation, for a large vapour

Direct inhalation offers a different approach. It is also called “DL” for direct lung, or “directly in the lungs”. Here, no vape in two stages. We vape in the same way as we smoke shisha, for example. It offers, in fact, an aerial draw. This means that the vapour production will be large and dense. That’s why it appeals to lovers of big clouds and a little less to those who want to rediscover their feelings of former smokers. You “feel” less steam passing through your throat. And this may displease former novice vape smokers, who will not quite regain their sensations.

Which material to go for?

One of the most common mistakes made by new vapers and former smokers is to believe that the more vapour produced, the more their old habits will be filled. It’s wrong. The production of vapour is not linked to the nicotine intake, quite the contrary.

Power and resistance

Indirect inhaling is a type of inhaling that is more related to low vapour production, so-called tight draw. It requires a lower power in watts than the so-called air draw. An MTL vape is ideal for an effective nicotine supply. It is also less greedy in e-liquid, therefore potentially more profitable in the long term. The choice of your draw depends on the material used, from the battery to the resistance, through the drip tip (the tip that is placed on the lips) and, of course, the clearomizer.

For resistance, we can estimate that the pivot value is around 1 ohm. Beyond that, you will benefit from an indirect inhalation, below this value, a more direct vape. The higher the value of the resistor, the lower the power sent will be. Thus, low-powered equipment may suffice for indirect pulling. But don’t forget that a good battery also provides better battery life. With a high resistance value, the vapour will be colder and the flavours better restored. A low value will offer the opposite: abundant and warmer vapour, which will often compensate for a lower level of nicotine in liquids.

Clearomizer and e-liquid

The choice of clearomiser then comes into play. For an MTL vape, the air inlets (the airflow) of the clearomiser are smaller, thus resulting in a tighter draw. For direct inhalation, use clearomizers with large air inlets, giving this airy effect and significant vapour production, to the detriment of flavours. The drip tip for an indirect vape must be narrow, to restrict the passage of steam. It will be wider and shorter for the direct vape.

Finally, the preferred type of vape will influence the choice of your e-liquids. Indirect inhalation favours the most nicotine-rich liquids, but also the most fluid. To orient yourself towards those whose PG (propylene glycol) level is higher. Conversely, the higher the level of VG (vegetable glycerin), the greater the production of vapour. The direct vape, requiring more power, also consumes more liquid.

The electronic cigarette is now versatile

Choosing between a direct or indirect vape depends on your habits as a former smoker. You will, therefore, orient yourself towards one type of material rather than another. But now e-cigarettes, whether all-in-one pods or boxes, can be versatile. Adjustable airflows will allow you to play with the draw, to make it tighter or airier. Other models simply allow you to choose one or the other type of inhalation, depending on the adaptable resistances and the available modes. Adjusting the power in watts notably offers these possibilities of declination. Finally, for the neophyte, it is always important to seek advice from vaping experts, and we are here for that!