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Dear vapers. We will be continuing our conversation about the Milkman vape juice flavors list.

Milkman Eliquid

It is the taste of a milkshake with fruit pie and vanilla ice cream. The smell from the bottle confirms this: these are very tasty and natural e-liquid flavors of fresh ice cream in waffles.

The very liquid is quite sweet, at some point it seems that the manufacturer has overdone it though these are top vape flavors. This is also noticeable and can however become an attraction while offering these e-liquids in the premium e-juice wholesale. We can say these e-juices are not less popular than the liquids of e-liquid brands llc.

The taste is very natural and fully corresponds to the description. There remains a pleasant milky aftertaste, which for a long time reminds of itself.

Due to a large content of glycerin, the liquid becomes very heavy, the steam is thick, aromatic, there are a lot of it, any cloacer is completely satisfied. Glycerin gives one more effect: the liquid has a very weak throat hit. And if someone is just happy about it, then surely there are those who would like more of the liquid with 3 mg of e-liquid nicotine. Just keep that in mind.

As for the relationship to such e-fluids, it is easy to fall in love with them after the first inhale. Milky-creamy, sweet, with a taste of desserts, they they are not like any other e-liquid brands unless someone who does not accept milky products for the diet. Sometimes, when trying this e-juice, the taste of honey suddenly appears. There are also the notesof boiled condensed milk, nuts, and baked products. This delicate mild flavor perfectly complements the milk base.

grasshoper vape uk