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Online vape platform for vape manufacturersGreetings to all connoisseurs of delicious e-liquid brands!

The liquid, which will be discussed, is a gift to the whole world from talented masters from Great Britain. And it should not be confused with the sensational suicidal bunny from the USA Suicide Bunny! And with the brand selling exclusive polo shirts (also, by the way, from United States), too, nothing in common. The British themselves master their vape industry and Psycho Bunny is one of the hits. Seriously, after all our previous impressions a la &no matter how much you try, and America is the most delicious and tailed for it, Malaysia,& the UK became a real discovery of 2017! It is thanks to Psycho Bunny. But this is for us, but the world knew these fluids in all their glory a year earlier.

We got to know about them through e-liquid reviews of the British magazine Vapouround Magazine, which chose ONE OF THE BEST JUICES 2016 from this Online vape platform for vape manufacturers. With the winners, perhaps, you will successfully begin as well!

The top vape flavors of Psycho Bunny:

Psycho Bunny Melonade Flavor MAX VGA sweet mouth watering melon with a splash of lemonade to tickle the taste buds is an e-liquid delight for the mouth, a splash of melon, tickling taste. This is the same taste and the choice of Vapouround Magazine.

My personal opinion: the British do not spare money to produce premium fruit juice brands! This melon is much tastier and sweeter than a real one.

Psycho Bunny Twister Flavor MAX VGa is a kind of vape flavors without nicotine of sweet and ripe citrus fruits to reproduce the best moments of the summer. This Twister personally seemed to us to be anything, but not citrus. But it is incredibly juicy.