aspire revvo 3.6ml uk

aspire revvo 3.6ml ukE-cigarettes appeared thanks to the Chinese pharmacist. It is rumored that the idea of ​​creating such devices came to him in a dream. Subsequently, he set himself the goal to create an alternative to tobacco products. As you can see, he did it, having enabled vapes to enjoy e-liquid flavors. Now many companies are engaged in the production of e-cigarettes and e-liquid brands. The e-liquid wholesale depends on their vaping mechanisms. Let’s see what companies are popular nowadays.

The best brands of electronic cigarettes are:


This company was founded in 2003, and several years later, it became one of the strongest competitors in the production of electronic cigarettes and cheap premium vape juice in the world. The success of the company was achieved due to the constant desire for new developments and the selection of only high-quality specialists. Aspire has patented more than 20 devices, which are relevant to this day.


Despite the fact that this company is very young, it is already well known in the world of vaping. Moreover, KangerTech occupies one of the leading places among manufacturers of e-cigarettes and premium fruit juice brands.

The company has created a huge number of new devices. These include: atomizers, evaporators, various accessories and the most modern accessories. Excellent design and excellent quality of products, continues to please the admirers of this company.


The company was established in 2008 in Shenzhen. This Chinese company produces top-level electronic cigarettes. The enterprise is famous for that it is very sensitive to consumer reviews and takes into consideration their wishes. Due to this, the market segment was replenished with many unique models.


Since 2007, this brand is widely heard. The company has created a huge industry for the production of electronic cigarettes and a wide vape juice brands list. Investments of colossal funds in research departments were not in vain, because Joyetech products are convenient, practical and smart. Every day the company makes great efforts to produce innovative products and make people happy with their products.

aspire revvo 3.6ml uk