Bulk e-liquid wholesale as a source of a vape culture

There are millions of smokers in the world. But they were never considered a kind of trend, or subculture. But the vapers have become a nominal name. They open their cafes and clubs create forums with opportunities to enjoy e-liquid flavors in the company. Of course, some representatives do not advertise their passion so much for a safe analogue of cigarettes, they irritate the society, criticizing those of its representatives who are still choosing the usual pack of cigarettes. But against the background of the idea of a general recovery, getting rid of bad habits, all these cases seem a trifle.

In response to the appearance of such a powerful movement, the market responded with the release of huge vape juice brands list in e-liquid wholesale. For example, in 2008, when the idea only entered the international market, liquids for electronic cigarettes were represented by a minimal choice:

Natural tobacco with the aroma of e-liquid nicotine;
Meet and some others.

The fundamental difference between electronic cigarettes and conventional ones: the absence of toxins, carcinogens and combustion products – soot and tar. New smoking devices produce only vapor, which is considered safer for health than smoke. Therefore, smokers began using electronic cigarettes to get rid of nicotine addiction all over the world.

The variety of top vape flavors is one of the features of vaping. The choice of flavors for vapor is limited only by the manufacturer’s imagination: you will find a blueberry cake and a lemon pie with custard in the assortment. Today, vapers are represented as “gourmets” and “sommelier of vaping”.

The vapers gather at the vape-shops and vape-bars, they try new tastes, discuss the devices, hold parties and arrange cloud chasing competitions for the longest cloud. The most skilfull ones are called cloudchasers. Also, vapers perform tricks with vapor.

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