Juul competitors vape devices with serviced bases

POD systems are Juul competitors vape devices, which use replaceable evaporators and serviced bases. Among Juul competitors vape devices, there is a Smoant Pasito Pod System Vape Kit.
Pasito allows you to independently regulate airflow and install evaporators of various resistance. Correct operation of the device on different evaporators and different capacities is provided by the CO-4 Ant Chip chip, which guarantees a full set of degrees of protection.

By the way, about evaporators and resistance – DTL 0.6 ohm and MTL 1.4 ohm evaporators are included.

Separately, you can purchase a serviced base for 1 spiral.
The rectangular device with a protruding drip tip is made of aviation aluminum and is “sheathed” with plastic panels on the sides. The compact and lightweight Pasito Juul competitors vape devices look beautiful.
Inside the rectangular case is an 1100 mAh battery, which is charged via a Type-C connector. The battery lasts for a long time, and recharging takes quite a bit of time.

If you could say about 3ml. cartridge is only one word, it would be the word “simplicity”. To refuel it, you just need to unscrew the drip tip and pour the slurry into the hole. Well! “Simplicity”!
Top blowing allows you to get a very decent taste of the liquid on both saline and organic nicotine.
Compact and practical in every sense, the Smoant Pasito Pod System Vape Kit will definitely find its user both among beginners and avid vapers.
ALD AMAZE: Lemon POD System. Stylish and miniature Juul competitors vape devices from the young company ALD AMAZE in the shape of a lemon! In addition to appearance, this bright citrus will delight you with a large battery, a capacity of 520 mAh, a capacious 3 ml cartridge and a convenient refueling system. The case of the device has a rubberized soft touch coating, no buttons are provided for in the device – it is activated by tightening. Replaceable cartridges (pods) are equipped with a dual ceramic evaporator (Dual-ceramic coil technology), the main task of which is to maximize the taste of your favorite salt liquid.