Disposable electronic cigarettes, my opinion

The world of vaping is very adaptable. It has adjusted to the needs of vapers with e-liquids in multiple flavours and especially electronic cigarettes in different formats. And among the e-cigs that are all the rage at the moment, you have the disposable format. Also called puff, it’s an all-in-one e-cig that comes with its e-liquid. It is practical, compact and inexpensive. When it runs out of juice, we throw it away. However, is it worth taking so much interest in? Does it have any other benefits that would justify its popularity? At Vape, we have done our investigation and we share our opinion with you.

A brief overview of the disposable electronic cigarette 

Disposable e-cigs have been buzzing in the world of vaping for a while now. This e-cigarette stands out for its ingenious format. It does not require any adjustment to vape, but be careful, only by indirect inhaling (MTL). 

Barely larger than a conventional cigarette, it appeals for its compact size. Either it is shaped like a tobacco cigarette providing 2-300 puffs, or it is shaped like a small pod providing 4-800 puffs.

This disposable puff also has the particularity of having an all-in-one structure: an integrated tank and battery as well as an e-liquid provided. Its juice has a nicotine level similar to the classic cigarette. This is formulated with nicotine salts. In general, a disposable e-cig has a high nicotine level, at 10 mg or 20 mg. 

The disposable e-cig is also characterized by its very competitive price. It is cheaper than a pack of traditional cigarettes as a 300 puff model is equivalent to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. 

My opinion on the disposable electronic cigarette

The disposable electronic cigarette made hearts shake less than today. At the time, it was ignored for its bland taste and its mediocre hit. However, it has reinvented itself and new devices have reversed the trend. 

Today’s disposable e-cig offers flavours as intense as the best juice bottles on the market. More than simple to use, it is now appreciated for its multiple flavours. Practical in many ways, you will never have to worry about recharging batteries, e-liquid coming undone or resistance burned with the disposable puff. 

As I said before, the disposable e-cig is not perfect. 

It is certainly cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, but its investment cost can be higher than a rechargeable electronic cigarette kit. With 6 euros per unit, buying the disposable is expensive if you had to buy one every 3 days. 

Also, remember that this is not the best option for a powerful hit. It does not have the necessary settings for this purpose. 

But still, this disposable e-cigarette is less attractive for its ecological impact. 


The disposable e-cig is essentially suitable for starting the vape or for an extra vape. If you are looking for varied sensations and long-term vaping, the rechargeable one is more appropriate.