What Should an E-Cigarette Starter Kit Include?

What Should an E-Cigarette Starter Kit Include?

Most new e-smokers get into the world of electronic cigarettes by buying an e-cigarette starter kit. Usually, these kits consist of batteries, atomizers or cartomizers for vaporizing e-cigarette liquid, charging accessories and enough liquid to keep you e-smoking for a good period of time (for at least a week or two).

There are exist different choices to look at when you look for an e-cigarette starter kit, varying in price. Within the offered price range, though, there is actually less variation in the products than you might suppose.

While there are quite several different types of ecigarettes, the vast majority are produced by manufacturers in China and supplied afterwards to various vendors globally for resale.

The differences are in the design components, the accessories included with the e-cigarette starter kits and how much of a profit the vendors try to earn.

One thing is for sure: unless you’re purchasing a USAmade ecigarette, a starter kit should never cost too much unless it includes lots of accessories or some other peculiar feature.

You do invest a good sum of money when you buy an e-cigarette starter kit; you probably don’t want the batteries to get scratched up from rubbing against keys and other items in your pocket or purse. A carrying case is the thing that provides some protection for your e-cigarette on the run.