E Cigarettes and pregnancy, the impact of E-Cigarettes during pregnancy

E Cigarettes and pregnancy

Is smoking electronic cigarettes while waiting for baby
Women with nicotine dependence asking the doctors about whether it is possible for pregnant women to smoke electronic cigarettes, and what might be the consequences for the growing fetus. Gynecologists recommend quit smoking any cigarettes, to have healthy baby. The use of electronic cigarettes during pregnancy can also be dangerous, because the device includes a cartridge with nicotine.The damage to this dangerous substance for human organism and systems has long been known.

The difference between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that instead of toxic smoke, a person inhales the flavored steam. Expectant mothers are wondering whether it is possible to smoke an electronic cigarette without nicotine, which can be bought on the Internet? Doctors recommend to completely abstain from any smoking, because even if you remove the filler from the device, the risk to child will remain. Some doctors say that while inhaling vapor with tobacco flavor, in a woman’s body comes harmful substances, the effect of which may adversely affect fetal development.

Dangerous compounds of smoke: can pregnant women smoking an electronic cigarette?
One of the constituent element of the aromatic vapor is propylene glycol, which simulates a real cigarette smoke. Getting in a woman’s body, it is able to influence the process of the formation of healthy internal organs and systems of the child, so smoking during fetal development may lead to disastrous consequences. Electronic cigarettes during pregnancy should be avoided in order not to jeopardize the health of the unborn baby.

What will happen if to smoke e-cigarettes little by little
Expectant mothers are looking for information on the forums, whether pregnant smoking electronic cigarettes at least a few times a day? Physicians respond : It is better to completely abandon these devices during pregnancy, because there is another danger of inhalation of steam: the components of an electronic cigarette during vaporing emit safe for the human health impulses, but the fetus they can have disruptive impact. This can lead to disturbances in the development of the nervous system and hearing of the baby, so the electronic cigarette smoking during pregnancy is not desirable.
If you want that your long-awaited baby born and grew up healthy, give up any cigarettes for the entire period of pregnancy and lactation.