What is the L88B E-Cigarette?

What is the L88B E-Cigarette?

There comes a moment when you encounter L88B e-cigarette. The tiny L88B e-cigarette is the type of electronic cigarettes that many new e-smokers should start with. There can be many reasons. But perhaps because there is one evident reason – the L88B and its variants look just like real cigarettes.

The typical L88B battery is activated automatically when you inhale the e-cigarette and has a charge of about 90 mAh, which is good for around 40 inhalations. Because 40 inhalations won’t get most e-smokers through the day, many L88B e-cigarette kits come with multiple batteries as well as a solution for charging expired batteries when a power outlet isn’t available.

While this e-cigarette has a catchy size and shape, it is probably optional and optimal for social smokers. It is the best to start with e-smoking by buying an L88B e-cigarette. It is ideal, it is always with you. Soon it could become an integral part of your life.

Although you may enjoy the e-smoking experience, you could quickly found that you needed something fresh, unusual with better vapor production to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

But first try, experiment, trust your sensations and you will step by step come to your best e-cig ever!