Virgin Vapor as an option

Virgin Vapor as an option

Many people made a conclusion sooner or later to switch to e-cigarettes out of a desire to reduce the number of chemical substances they inhale. This is Virgin Vapor that takes this desire personally, right to heart.

This is one of many e-liquid suppliers that uses nothing but certified organic, natural flavors and prevents the use of artificial chemicals of any kind. Actually, they don’t even add propylene glycol into their e-liquids unless you request it as a client.

Virgin Vapor offers around 100 different e-liquid flavors found at the time of writing, and more are being introduced all the time. Their offerings vary from sweet flavors like Kona Velvet Milkshake and Black Cherry Marshmallow to more exotic flavors like Night Blooming Jasmine. Virgin Vapor is also elaborating a new range of tobacco flavors using organic tobacco extracts.

As part of its obligation to quality and purity, it always packages its e-liquids in glass, never plastic, which may leach chemicals into your e-liquid. It also offers electronic cigarette starter kits, parts and accessories so you can pick up additional batteries and atomizers while you get your e-liquid refill.

Virgin Vapor is proud to be a member of AEMSA, the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association. The company is completely dedicated to providing the first-class quality e-liquids that meet the most strict industry standards.