Originally, electronic cigarettes were relatively small, which certainly contributed to their success. But the more time passed, the more the e-cigarettes took on volume (and weight!), to the point of sometimes becoming real cinder blocks! But life is an eternal restart, everything is cyclical. We, therefore, note with a certain joy that electronic cigarettes are returning to basics: they are becoming more refined and become discreet objects that we are no longer afraid to use in public! Which one of us hasn’t felt stared at using a huge kit?! These small new generation electronic cigarettes respond to the sweet names of  Pods, Mod pods or finally Kit pods. But what is behind these pods made for vapers who consume liquids with a high nicotine dose?


For a few months now, the pods have been talked about them in the world of vaping. These are recognizable at first glance. They stand out because of their small size and that’s what pleases! The pods work on the same principle as a classic e-cigarette. There is therefore a battery, which is integrated here; a USB port for recharging; a cartridge and of course a resistor. A pod is small, of course, but it is not the only element that characterizes this type of electronic cigarette!


In a pod, the cartridge is integrated. Unlike a classic kit where you can swap the clearomiser, it’s simply impossible with a pod. You are forced to use its cartridge. Within the latter is the famous resistance. Originally, the pods worked with resistances greater than 1 ohm and required little power. This value was perfect for vaping liquids with nicotine salts, avoiding excessive consumption of liquid and above all benefiting from a generous autonomy. But in the vape, we are always looking for the excess! The values ​​of the resistors present in the cartridge of the pods have thus become lower and lower and it is no longer rare to find pods operating with coils with a value of 0.5 ohms, thus producing a very dense vapour! Some will say that we are moving a little away from the initial objective of the pod, but that is not the subject of this article.


The other point that defines a pod is its airflow system. There are many pods whose airflow is not adjustable. By using this type of material, we do not aim for the production of vapour but the feeling in the throat, and to obtain the maximum of flavours…. The airflows developed by the manufacturers are often very well designed and allow you to have a truly optimal experience while having a liquid with a high rate of nicotine. To take advantage of it, pull gently but for a long time… It should be noted, however, that certain pods such as the  Voopoo Drag for example offer a small adjustable airflow that allows you to go from a very tight vape to a slightly more airy vape. Although an adjustment is present, the use of a pod remains far from that of a classic clearomiser. Vapers are warned!


Perfect for beginners in the vape or to have a pocket material, the pods have a bright future ahead of them! They also stand out for their ease of use. While some pods offer a host of settings, some go straight to the point: there are electronic cigarettes without a button that automatically triggers the heating when inhaling! But acquiring a pod means that you accept having a battery with limited autonomy: necessarily, the smaller your pod is, the less its integrated battery can be important… If this point does not put you off, the pods will be the ideal companions for vaping. liquids with nicotine salts or regular liquids. For beginners who want to be always well accompanied, you know what you have to do: adopt a pod!