IQOS Heets Menthol sticks for a cold sense

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Do you have an idea of menthol?Everyone knows that menthol is a substance found in peppermint leaves, is added to candies to create a fresh, cool mouth feel. But how is this plant metabolite related to the sensation of temperature? American scientists experimentally confirmed the hypothesis that the menthol receptor is one of the main sensors of cold. That is now present in IQOS Heets Menthol sticks.

The TRP (drosophila Transient Receptor Potential) family of receptors is a non-selective cation channels that allow magnesium and calcium ions to pass through the cell membrane in response to a fairly wide range of chemical and physical signals. Most of these receptors are integral membrane proteins with six transmembrane segments. One of the proteins of this family, the menthol-responsive TRPM8 receptor, was long attributed to the ability to “feel” cold, but until recently it was not possible to confirm unequivocally.

The menthol receptor as well as other temperature receptors (discovered in Julius’s laboratory over the past few years), are potential targets for the development of analgesics acting on the peripheral nervous system (and not on the central nervous system, like opioids), he says.
The menthol receptor was cloned by a team of Julius in 2002 then it was shown that it can be activated not only by menthol, a terpenoid contained in peppermint leaves, but also under the influence of cool air. Earlier, the same group of scientists showed that another receptor from the TRP family (TRPV1), which responds to the burning base of red Chilean pepper, capsaicin, is also sensitive to temperature. In addition, they studied the isothiocyanate receptor, which reacts to substances contained in mustard or wasabi. However, the role of TRPM8 in cold sensitivity remained until recently not fully defined: according to other researchers, other receptors could be more responsible for the cold sensitivity in vivo.

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