IQOS HEETS device from Philip Morris

Can one smoking without smoke, fire and ash be real? This is possible. IQOS HEETS device from Philip Morris International is a new, innovative tobacco heating system that is actively gaining popularity all over the world. Is available for purchase in our online shop.

The principle of operation of the device lies in the fact that, unlike conventional cigarettes, tobacco inside IQOS HEETS does not burn, but heats up, releasing water vapor containing nicotine, which is hardly noticeable to others. Thanks to a special technology, the smoking process is accompanied by less discomfort and a complete lack of ash, and steam is dispersed in the air, leaving no smell on clothes and hands. The tobacco heating system of IQOS HEETS has been scientifically evaluated and clinically tested using reliable and internationally proven approaches and methods.

How it works?

Smoking sticks are made from twisted tobacco leaves soaked in a special liquid. Inside there is a minimum portion of tobacco no more than 1 cm in length, the rest of the space is occupied by a triple filter. The stick is fixed in a special holder and heated. When using IQOS HEETS, you do not inhale smoke, but water vapor containing nicotine. The holder’s charge is enough on average for one stick, after which it is placed back in the charging container and is ready for use again in a couple of minutes.

The stylish device is created from high-quality plastic and equipped with an automatic button to open the lid, as well as LED charge level indicators. A user-friendly interface will notify you of the start of heating and within 30 seconds of the end of the use session. The kit also comes with a charger and special nozzles for cleaning the holder.

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