If you use batteries, you must follow a few rules when replacing them. Beyond the lifespan of your removable battery, this can have implications for your safety. Indeed, the batteries are sensitive components, which can be dangerous when they are not handled correctly.

An electronic cigarette that uses removable batteries allows you to change batteries when they are empty and then recharge them on an adapter. This function is the real asset of this type of personal vaper.

To change the battery, which is nothing more than a battery, simply open the hatch located on the base of the e-cigarette. You will then have access to the batteries and you can easily remove them to recharge them. Most models have a button specially designed for opening the hatch.

A negative pole and a positive pole make it possible to understand the meaning of the battery. Its operation is extremely simple.  Always check the insertion direction of your batteries before you start vaping. Inverted polarity can not only be dangerous but can also permanently damage your equipment.

What type of battery to choose?

The type of battery depends on the model of your electronic cigarette.

For a mechanical mod, the discharge capacity is the first parameter that must be taken into account and which varies according to the value of the resistors.

For an electronic mod, it is not recommended to use a battery that has electronic protections so that they are not in conflict with the functionality of the mod.

For sub-ohm equipment, it is preferable to choose a battery that supports low voltage resistors. 

On the other hand, the numbering of the batteries is composed as well. Take the example of a 18650 battery. 

  • 18 = its diameter in mm. 
  • 65 = its length in mm. 
  • 0 = its cylindrical shape. If the 0 is replaced by a 1, it will designate the parallelepiped shape of the battery.