How long does a bottle of e-liquid last?

When you decide to buy your first e-cigarette, you also need to think about acquiring one or more bottles of e-liquid to start your vaping experience. Unfortunately and especially when we are still novices, the different choices available to us are legion and it can be difficult to know our primary need, resulting this, how long a bottle of e-liquid will accompany us faithfully before being empty…

How long does a bottle of e-liquid last on average?

To try to answer this question correctly, several criteria should be taken into account which, in synergy, make up your profile as a vaper.

How long does a bottle of e-liquid last: a simplified answer

If to know how long a bottle of e-liquid lasts you need to take into account your vaping habits, the power of your electronic cigarette as well as the nicotine dosage of the selected e-liquid, we can nevertheless answer with a few averages observed.

Firstly and while the vast majority of e-liquids are presented to your selection in 10 ml format, they offer you an average of 3,000 puffs. You should know that a real cigarette, before being completely consumed, is the assurance of being able to obtain 15 puffs. While a pack of cigarettes consists of 20 units, consuming it entirely ensures an average of 300 puffs…

In conclusion, therefore, a bottle of e-liquid of 10 ml is generally the equivalent of ten packs of cigarettes by 20! Now and depending on your consumption habits, the type of your electronic cigarette, as well as the nicotine dosage, is chosen, this calculation may have a lower or higher sum…

How long does a bottle of e-liquid last: light smokers VS heavy smokers

As we have seen, the lifespan of an e-liquid bottle meets many criteria. To try to see more clearly, it is necessary to dwell on the averages of use observed between a light smoker, an average smoker and a heavy smoker.

Generally and taking as an example a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid dosed with 8 mg of nicotine, a light smoker will consume it on average over 10 days (1 ml daily). An average smoker, on the other hand, will empty the bottle in about 3 days. Finally, heavy smokers will need to buy a bottle of e-liquid every two days.

How Long Does a Bottle of E-Liquid Last: Your Answer

In conclusion and to find the answer to this subjective question, nothing beats personal tests…

Start by buying a bottle of e-liquid dosed with 8 mg of nicotine and see for yourself how long you consume it. This answer will then allow you to regulate your consumption of e-liquid and also check the correlation between the capacities of your electronic cigarette and your expectations.

Be careful though: world toxicologists recommend never to exceed a daily consumption of 5 ml of e-liquid, regardless of its nicotine dosage.