Electronic cigarette mod is very popular in the vaping market. Very popular when the electronic cigarette was launched, this term made it possible to differentiate between classic electronic cigarettes, of the cigalike type, and more advanced electronic cigarettes.

It must be understood that at the origin of the electronic cigarette, the major players in the sector produced basic vaporizers that left no room for customization. Vaping and DIY enthusiasts then took over the electronic cigarette to make modifications that they deemed more suited to their needs. 

When to choose the electronic cigarette mod?

Electronic cigarette mods are perfect for beginners who have already started the adventure of vaping and are looking for something new. Indeed, it is intended for users who have been vaping for a few months using a rather simple cigarette but who have become masters in the art of adjusting the airflow, filling the tanks and modifying the power. 

However, maybe you haven’t had a chance to handle advanced features like temperature control yet and you’re starting to feel like it’s time for a more sophisticated and powerful device? 

You may also be thinking about looks and the idea of ​​buying a prettier vape? It’s finally time to buy an electronic cigarette mod. 

The power of electronic cigarette mod

The majority of electronic cigarette mods available on the market have variable wattage (VW). 

These allow you to adjust the wattage that reaches your atomizer.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an electronic cigarette mod is the wattage setting range. For most, a wider range is ideal. However, most vapers don’t need high wattage.

Think about how much power you’ll use daily rather than looking for the highest wattage out there. If low wattage devices don’t appeal to you at all or if you want to get bigger vapour clouds, it’s better to go for a higher wattage. However, for the average user, 80 watts is already a lot of power.

Electronic cigarette mod temperature control

With temperature control, you can set a particular temperature when vaping instead of a precise wattage.

This can improve the taste of your e-liquid and help you get rid of “dry puffs” from charred e-liquid which can become unpleasant very quickly.

Electronic cigarette mods can offer a range of temperatures to choose from. However, to get the most benefit from temperature control, you will need to opt for titanium, nickel, or stainless steel coils.