VaporFi Rebel II Review

VaporFi Rebel II Review

Out of all the e-cigarette companies which have appeared before, VaporFi was probably the one that impressed any lay smoker the most. With their careful product selection.

They have managed to find e-cigarettes and vaporizers that should attract every possible customer from the absolute beginner to the experienced expert. All of these vaporizers are offered at affordable prices and are well differentiated from those launched by competitors. Occupying the upper level of the product assortment is the VaporFi Rebel II, a variable-voltage and variable-wattage e-cigarette with a top power of six volts or 15 watts.

The VaporFi Rebel II is priced maximum; however, you may get a discount with the help of coupon code. This adds it in the same price category as the original ProVari, with one very essential point; buying the ProVari at this price only makes you receive the device, while the VaporFi Rebel II is a complete kit.

The second basic difference between the ProVari and the Rebel II is the over-current limit of the two devices; the ProVari supports a maximum current of 3.5 amps, while the Rebel II only 4 amps. This shows that you can drive low-resistance attachments harder with the Rebel II without encountering over-current protection.

Included with the Rebel II kit, you’ll find a small battery and a large battery rated at 600 and 2200 mAh accordingly. The bottom half of the vaporizer has telescoping threading, permitting it to support both sizes. You’ll also find a battery charger and the VaporFi Rebel tank, an attachment that costs not much on its own. The Rebel II outruns the ProVari here as well; the ProVari kit includes a plastic tank with a retail value, while the Rebel tank is glass.