Reviews of top vape flavors

E-liquid brands for e-cigarettes in their range are one of the most expendable materials in the world. After all, the existence of vaping without special liquid is simply impossible as well as without the glycerin and propylene glycol that make up the e-liquid ingredients, which provide us with aromatic vaping.

The main parameters by which e-liquid flavors differ are the strength and composition of the base. In addition, you probably noticed that the refilling for e-cigarettes varies in color. Therefore, it is quite logical that there is the question – if the composition of refilling is basically the same for all manufacturers, then why is the liquid with top vape flavors for e-cigarettes of different colors?

In order to attract attention, some e-juice wholesale suppliers use dyes to make their refillings visible to consumers among all vape juice flavors list. We draw your attention to the fact that we categorically do not recommend buying colored (green, red, etc.) liquids. Such e-liquid nicotine for e-cigarettes can be bought easily and cheaply, but there are significant drawbacks. The presence of unnatural dyes will lead to accumulation of precipitation, which will be difficult to clean.

Liquids of yellow to brown colors are considered normal variations. The color change in this range is due to the presence of nicotine and flavors in the composition. Reacting with ultraviolet light and oxygen, nicotine oxidizes, and the liquid acquires a yellowish shade. To avoid this, we recommend storing the liquid in an opaque glass container. The fact is that the plastic itself is a porous material, so it passes air better than the glass. In addition, monitor the temperature in the place of storage of liquid. Try to keep the refills in a cool dark place.

The flavor can also affect the color change of the liquid, especially if it is natural. We draw your attention to the fact that the change in the color of the liquid through the influence of nicotine and flavor is a completely normal process.