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Vapers can now enjoy all possible flavors. Flowers, desserts, cheesecakes and a plenty of other e-liquid flavors can be found in marketed e-liquid brands or vapers can cook them at home themselves.

Jams, berries, apples and much more are accessible variants of cheap premium vape juice. You can buy vape juice online, being able to enjoy the aromas of sweets, lemonades, fruit liqueurs and much more. Sweet milk drinks, cocktails are quite not a complete vape juice flavors list.

But vape juice flavors with nicotine are a special group of premium e-juice wholesale.

In these e-juices, e-liquid nicotine is also present, but it is not carcinogenic. If vapers do not overdose nicotine in their liquids, there will be no health problems.

As proof of this affirmation, we can refer to the fact that during the existence of electronic cigarettes, there has been no single case of a significant health damage or death caused by nicotine as one of e-liquid ingredients.

Dosages of nicotine are already rationed in premium e-juice wholesale brands to:

·         0 ml. When you order cheap e-juice online, this percentage will mean that e-liquids do not contain nicotine at all. It is suitable for those who want to get rid of smoking habit or just have decided to try nicotine flavor once and do not want to harm health.

·         6 ml. This amount is considered to be minimal and correlates with cigarettes containing up to 0.3 mg of nicotine. Such a liquid is suitable for dependent smokers, who want to reduce the harm from their addiction, enjoying a pleasant taste.

·         12 ml. This concentration is suitable for smokers, whose normal daily nicotine portion earlier was 1 pack of cigarettes, containing up to 0.5 mg nicotine.

·         18 ml. This is the average nicotine content in e-liquids favored by smokers whose daily rate is more than a pack of cigarettes with a content of 0.7 mg nicotine.

·         24 ml. This is the highest level that smokers with experience and norm choose to 2 packs a day. The tobacco equivalent of nicotine content is up to 1 mg.

Online vape platform for vapers and vape manufacturers