Make your proper vape juice flavors list

Recommendation – if you are seriously engaged in self-testing and are trying to create your own vape juice flavors list, get a notebook where you put down your observations and subjective feelings about how different e-liquid flavors influence each other, how the taste changes when mixed and so on, this will help you better understand the process and achieve good results.

The majority of newcomers in vaping think about the transition from finished liquid to vape flavors diy.

Let us consider the case when a newcomer buys glycerin, propylene glycol, distilled water and e-liquid nicotine. There arise questions when having bought all this: “And how to mix all this on the base of 40% glycerin, and I want 80% glycerin at the output, while retaining the volume of 100ml?”, “At the base of 12mg per ml of nicotine, and I want 3mg per ml. How can I achieve this? “. Some, thanks to the knowledge of mathematics, begin to calculate the mixing proportions of the components of the resulting liquid. Someone looks away from it and starts buying expensive e-liquid brands again. And someone finds a liquid mixing calculator on the Internet, thanks to which the proportions are calculated.

The calculator is a good thing, but the person does not know why it is necessary to mix e-liquid ingredients in such proportions.
We will introduce you to the algorithm for calculating the proportions of mixing the liquid. Let’s make everything more interesting? Do you agree? Then we’ll write a calculator for the self-mix, which you might need later on.

The algorithm will be simple: we consider the amount of nicotine base added; consider the amount of glycerin, propylene glycol and water in the base; based on the calculated parameters at the base, counts the amount of glycerin, propylene glycol and water added; then we withdraw the results.