Juul Alternative from Renova

Renova ZERO is an almost perfect Juul Alternative. Although the competition in this segment is great, but sales statistics show that consumers often decide to buy Renova ZERO Juul Alternative, and not something else. Not a bestseller yet, but still very good, so let’s take a closer look.

The device is the creation of Vaporesso, that is, it could be called Vaporesso Renova ZERO. As we know, this company prefers to produce products of very good quality and with excellent assembly. Renova ZERO Juul Alternative received a steel case, which is quite compact even for this segment.

Renova is just beginning its journey. It still needs to win the hearts of many vapers, but the first Juul Alternative devices from this manufacturer promise incredible success if the company continues to develop in the right direction. They did not take on the burden of companies that had long made a name for themselves, did not chase box mods, atomizers, but produced good products that could well satisfy the needs of novice vapers. If you look at the bottom line, this new company is a subsidiary of a company such as Vaporesso, which already has its own customer base and market experience. And this means that users are waiting for the Juul Alternative product from an experienced manufacturer.

AIO devices have always been ergonomically designed, they should fit in the palm of your hand and maximize the needs of vapers. Not an exception was the Juul Alternative device from the Renova company, which we are actually considering today. The height of the device is 75mm, the width is 40mm and the thickness is 16mm, based on these numbers we can say that the device is really small-sized and fits even in your pocket without any problems, which is very convenient when walking around the city when your favorite device is always hand-held. The start button of the device is located in a not very convenient place, at the very base of the mod, but this practically does not affect the convenience of pressing. Around the start button there is an ice indication with which the user can track the battery charge.