Juul accessories uk

Juul accessories ukHey, we will share the Juul accessories UK offers with you.

The American brand Juul is positioning its electronic devices as the best alternative to smoking real tobacco. In addition to the variety and quality of tastes, devices of the Juul family stand out among the competitive vape devices with geometric dimensions. Distinctive features of the company’s products are minimalist design and compact dimensions. However, the minimalism in the stylistic design does not mean that the manufacturer did not take care of additional lotions to the Juul evaporators.

So, we want to share the Juul accessories UK offers with you.

In the catalog of our online store the following types of additional items and devices are presented, with the help of which the use of electronic cigarettes of the Juul brand will become much more comfortable:

The original Juul charger. A compact USB-module is included in all types of configuration, but due to its small size it is not insured against loss, and also, like all electronic devices, it doesn’t fail (over time). To spend money on a new set because of the loss or failure of one small component? Do not worry, we have exactly the same, but separately from the main device.

Wire to charge the evaporator from any USB port. The minimum performance of the original charging is not suitable for all ports.

A charging box is a convenient and practical case that combines the functions of a package for carrying a kit and a portable charger. The built-in battery with a capacity of 1200-1500 mAh provides from 6 to 8 full recharges of the Juul cigarette.

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To buy the branded Juul accessories UK wide, you no longer need to order them yourself in foreign shops. Use the catalog of our online shop to pick up the right product and order it with home delivery. The range of available devices and accessories is constantly updated and updated, stay tuned for updates in this section, so as not to miss the right thing.