MTL, DL, direct inhalation, indirect inhalation… what do all these expressions mean? Through this article, we will give you a summary of what there is to know about the different ways of vaping.

Indeed there are two main types of prints in the vape! And these can have a huge impact on your choice of hardware. They can thus influence the choice of your box, your clearomiser or your drip-tip (e-cigarette tip).

Indirect vaping

Indirect inhalation also called MTL  comes from English Mouth To Lungs, that is to say, “from the mouth to the lungs”: this method of drawing is widely used by former tobacco smokers. This is why beginners in the vape will generally move towards this type of draw and therefore towards vape materials favouring indirect inhalation. That is to say clearomizers with a 510 drip-tip, offering a more restricted and tight vape, and coils approaching 1 ohm, or even exceeding it, which will not need too much power.


Being close to the sensations and the experience of a traditional cigarette, the MTL vape will help to make the transition between tobacco and electronic cigarettes. This type of inhalation works in two stages: the vapour arrives in the mouth first and stagnates in the mouth before being inhaled into the lungs in a second stage.


Also, the MTL vape, in addition to consuming less liquid and battery, offers a good transcription of aromas while remaining discreet since it emits less vapour.

The direct vape

Direct inhalation, also called DL, which stands for Direct to Lungs, or “directly to the lungs”, is a one-time inhalation and will be similar to a “shisha” draw. The vapour will be inhaled directly into your lungs.

Direct inhalation is generally practised by experienced vapers. This method will be more suitable for powerful equipment, with large air inlets. This will therefore generate a larger volume of vapour than on “indirect vape” equipment. This vape is generally linked to the use of a larger drip tip (type 810) with large airflows (air inlets). It will therefore require more airy aspirations, which will generate large clouds of vapour and offer generous flavours.

It is more of a fun vape than a vape that aims to help quit classic cigarettes. The sensations will not be the same as those of an MTL vape or a traditional cigarette.

To have a good production of vapour, it is preferable to use a liquid loaded with vegetable glycerin (VG), 50% or more. Subohm resistors are used for this type of vape, generally below 0.60 ohms. As the resistances will be low, they will require more power from the battery.

Logically, battery and liquid consumption will be more substantial. You will have to regularly replenish your clearomiser with liquid and recharge your battery more often.

Which electronic cigarette to choose?

As indicated above in the article, the material chosen will differ depending on the type of print desired.

Roughly a beginner or intermediate material, producing little vapour with small air inlets will adapt to an indirect draw while a large material, powerful, producing a lot of vapour will adapt to a direct draw.

The draw mode will depend in particular on the resistance installed on your clearomiser. The resistance which will be at the initiative of the production of vapour of your material is generally between 0.60 and 0.20 ohm or even 0.10 ohm. You will find this indication on the resistance itself or the material-technical sheets, available on our site for example.

So we will go on an indirect vape for resistances greater than 1 ohm and on a direct vape for resistances less than 1 ohm.

Now you just have to look at each material and which resistor can be installed on it. I also remind you that a material can both offer a direct draw and an indirect draw since several resistors can be installed on the latter.

Among the different electronic cigarettes that we can offer you:

For indirect inhalation, the Vilter Kit will remind you of the sensations of a classic cigarette. Sold with paper filters in addition to its black drip-tip, their tight draw will be perfect for your transition from the traditional cigarette to vape.

Also, the Coolfire Z80 Kit offers indirect inhalation, but can also be transformed into an electronic cigarette for direct inhalation. Its coils ranging from 1.6 ohms to 0.3 ohms offer a wide choice of vapes. It will be intended for slightly more experienced vapers because it works thanks t  accumulators (removable rechargeable batteries).

For direct inhalation, the Drag X Plus Kit will allow you to create beautiful clouds of vapour. The two coils of 0.2 ohms, allow you to vape between 40 and 60W and 0.15 ohm, allowing you to vape between 60 and 80W.

The  Pod Swag PX80  is an electronic cigarette that goes everywhere. Its small size fits easily in a pocket. Perfect to start vaping and have a more or less direct vape, it is powered, like the Drag X Plus Kit and the Coolfire Z80 Kit, by a 18650 battery.